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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Humpz!! Trying to use my iphone4 to write this blog
Hope will turn out right...
Currently at my main office, sitting back and relax!!
As I station at Tanjong Pagar area,
1 of my Director requested that I should be at my main office at least 1 day
But to think...
I do not have any lappy, no software no nothingsss
Plus here all speak japanese how to communciate!!
Every week 3 hrs doing nothing to some ppl may be heaven
But to me is such a torture man...
But what to do...
So i decided, i should pick up japanese langauge
so i can understand what they talking about...
Somehow, still I miss my old job
I mean the job scope not the company ar...!!
At least last time I noe what I am doing and what i should do
Now, what I'm doing is more on financal and management
More challaging
More things to do
I noe that I'm still new on current job and job scope
But I really wanna do it right and well...
That is my expectation for myself...
Sometime really feel useless when I dun understand and nv do well
Still I will do my berry best of coz with the support from my hubby...!

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