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Thursday, February 7, 2013

Chinese New Year 2013

Chinese New Year is coming in 3 days!!!
This year kinda special for me..
First year celebrate cny at my new house with my hubby
First year First day I'm not at ah ma's hse waiting for relatives to come up
First year first day I gonna rush to everywhere my hubby goes
First year my hubby's popo not around with us
As this year my Zodiac mention tiger need to pamper themselves..
See! I also done my gelish and pedicure..

Love this year fortune!

2013 outlook is good. This year is a great opportunity to expand the network

Control mood swings
Learn to communicate tactfully to avoid disputes

Wealth luck is good
Can start up business venture or invest properties
However, do not let emotions overran it

Insomnia and migraines may be manifestation of work stress
Take things at a slower pace and make time to pamper and indulge myself

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