Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Love or Not

Went Royal Caribbean cruise over the weekend
Had a berry bad Monday yesterday..
It supposed to be a sweet and loving day
after all
we had waited for so long for mi to be back in SG
"Thought we miss each other so much"
In the end
had a berry bad quarrel
or I should say it isn't a quarrel but a super cold war
This is rubbish!
I went crazy...
almost crazy
Cry till like nobody business
I wanna make him heart pain heart break
though I'm not sure if he does
but I feeling pain
brain tired
body ache
I dunno wat had happen to us
recently been having lots of argument and quarrel
I dun think this is good for our relationship
I'm feeling tired
I dun feel loved anymore
I really hate it when he keeps sweet talk to mi
 the next min we argue
he can just doze off or walk off
wat is the meaning if this?? Liar!!
Been telling myself~~~
Why am I so stupid?
I'm not 3 years old kid anymore
Why do I believe in all this sweet talks?
Dun be so stupid!!!
Okay fine
Stupid mi given up
Wanna talk through dinner
Appz "wanna meet for dinner" and u choose not to reply mi
Pls la!!! There's sumthing call last seen leh...
I tried to call n u choose not to ans
 I treat it as u are in a meeting
N u choose not to return call
I give a ruler u wan a inch...
Fine take it!!!

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