Friday, November 1, 2013

Happy Halloween

♡Happy halloween♡
My berry first halloween with my colleagues
We had lots of fun though with simple dress up..
😍Share some of the fun photos😍
Rangers of the year!
This is so fun...
We oso had a comic photos done by my colleague
Too bad
didn't manage to get the other 2 photos
3 pretty rangers
Our cat lady is on the move!
*I hope she fine

we are the friendly pretty devils

I really love iso 7 
below photo is taken using iphone 5
but I still love android
Pringle man with cat woman and witch
We had different roles 
there's spiderman and ironman too
Too bad 
I dun have the photos 
As u all noe from my last post
I was on mc!
2days mc staying at home
I was like bored to the max...
爱 intro mi this app 魔漫相机 and this is fun💜
Check out some of my creations
💟💟Simply too pretty and handsome💟💟

Finally did 1 tat look alike as mi le
hubb agrees too!
Sexy sexy us!
Agree tat this is not us la... 

That's it
In a blink...
💞Halloween is over and November is here💞


elderflowertea said...

Wah.. So happening in your office!

Jeanrin Loh said...

Yeah...!!! This is my first time so happening too...