Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Sickly Tuesday

I had super redish eye with sharp pain every time I close and open my eye
Especially when my eye get contact with sunlight
Yes! I hidden myself indoor, closing all window and curtain
A day MC at home doing nothing is something everyone is looking for
Same to mi
Somehow Time flies berry fast...
With a blink, it's noon...
Something to update!!
I'm going to Bangkok in Dec, yes it's Bangkok..
This time taking +FlyScoot and it's my first time taking Scoot
Hope will be a good experience as I heard from my friends that once you had tried Scoot, 
you may not wanna take other budget airline!
Well, Scoot isn't cheap this time round
S$300 plus to BKK is kinda ex 
But this time round, Hubb and my tkts is being paid by my daddy *Daddy I love you*
Oh ya...
This is the berry first time I will be flying with my family **__Yippie__**
My daddy is flying after like 20 over years
As far as I rem... I nv see him going for a holiday
This time was like "Wow Finally" 
must really thanks that his market is closing for a week for washing!
I even joke that I shall every year call up town council and complain how dirty is the market 
and request for washing every year 
Of course I didn't do it!
Even I dun have enough leave, I also will find way to go holiday with hiim
Of course
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