Monday, October 7, 2013

Aloha loyang chalet ~ brother's wedding 'Guo Da Li'

Recently I realised that blogging can be so wonderful
Looking back at my blogging
Not good
but not bad either 
Not trying to say this la
Wat I wanna say is...
My hubby telling mi he been reading my past blog
Realised how much we grow
*I had to say we instead of he otherwise he gonna kill mi*
But does this sound de same
We went to my uncle's chalet last Saturday
It really been ages since we last go... in 2008
Hubby and I

 Berry first #ootd photo
MIL pass mi the nice lace short which is too short for her
 (the one I'm wearing below)
I totally in love with it
I didn't take much picture this time
hair too messy
take photo all too ugly
All thanks to the hot weather
There's always next time
Anyway there will be more photos this coming weekend
due to my brother wedding
*so excited*
Hubby making marshmallows for all of us
At first
All dun believe me that his marshmallows is the best lor
all insisted to bbq themselves
change their mind
after trying their berry first from my hubby
In the end
I had to queue for my turn for my marshmallows

Messy hair of mi having my hubby's love marshmallow
♥♥Feeling real love♥♥

Last Sunday
My brother 'Guo da Li' day
Shoot some photos as reference for my wedding next year...
*As nagged by my xiaoguzhang*
all sorts of goodies
Was told that 
By tradition all this was given back by the bride's family

As joke
I told my hubby that I dun wan cans of pork trotters
I wan a real roasted pig
This way
'Mian zhi cai kou da'
 Of course
End the day with Yummylicous dinner whipped by my Xiaogu
All requested by Me me me♥

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