Wednesday, October 2, 2013

❤ Msia Curry Fish Head to SG The Cathay Restaurant ❤

❤Kam long curry fish head❤
A must have when I visit Malaysia
Highest record is 2 weeks twice!
The only problem is the queue can be a killing especially under the hot sun
oh ya
Dun forget to order another plate of 'Tau kee' to go along

Thai Odyssey Massage
❤Photo credit to Thai Odyssey Group❤
I love the massage at there 
30mins Half body massage for RM48
60mins foot massage for RM60
Try it
Of course 
the price can't compare with Thailand
Can't believe I leaving for Thailand in 2 more weeks
Bakin Robbins ice cream
My all times favorite Strawberry cheesecake 
Hubby all times favorite Gold medal ribbon 
Lovely hubby who always give in and do 
whatever I wan
whatever I do
whatever I love
Love my whole week
You can see from my last post 
Mon - Thurs ~ I just  back from KL for finance training 
Sat ~ Went JB for curry fish head and massage 
 Sun ~ Here I go
Bring in laws out for dinner to celebrate their birthday

Flankly speaking
Nothing really caught my taste that well
Food ❤ 7/10
Dessert ❤ 9/10
Service ❤ 7/10
All this cost around S$250... with UOB card promotion
as long my hubby and my in-laws love it
I love it too
The custard bun taste the best among all the above
I believe their dim sum will taste much better
Too bad 
Didn't manage to eat their dim sum
Will find some days to try it out some days

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