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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

♥Berry first experience♥

My berry first on job training 
was in Malaysia KL 
kinda excited about it
though hubby was kinda 'not himself' mode 
After hearing I gonna go overseas for training
This is the first time we staying aparts after 8 longs year
This is also the first time I'm taking plane without his accompany 
This is the first time I'm going overseas with friends though this is for work purposes

My flight was at 710am 
meaning I have to be at the airport at 510am
My wonderful hubby woke up with mi sending mi to airport and waited with mi till boarding time
he den went to work 
of coz it way too early for him
*btw... he insisted to send mi off de*
♥Love him so much♥
Since I couldn't bring hubby to work
Brought vinnie along
To accompany the whole journey 

With my colleague, Catherine
Really gonna thanks her for this opportunity

Kuspy Kreme
A must have, must buy donutsss
Flankly speaking
only the original glazed taste nice
I should say
Best of the best
On our last day,
cat and I bought 32 original glazed back SG

Pao Xiang bah ku teh
Berry expensive Bah ku teh in KL

Sushi king
Cheap and yummy 

Pasta zanmai
expensive and yummy but not filling
but their combo meal is cheap and can fill 2 pax

berry local delights
And we love it

Photo bombing
I love the ios7 camera feature
But too bad 
iphone 4 doesn't have this feature
I'm still samsung user

Selfies selfies selfies
Hubby didn't fail to surprise mi with surprises
Always fill mi up With sweetness
♥Feel so love♥
He actually appeared with a paper stating
*Mrs Yin Yan Ling*

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