Thursday, October 24, 2013

Simple note to myself

Freaking fed up
But this is life, life goes on...
Hate is just making myself looks bad, looks ugly!

I was once told by a lecturer that as a ger you shouldn't be use the word piss off.. It sound ugly.. That time we were to describe ourselves in short.. I rem I described myself as I easily get piss off.. oppz This time I use fed up to replace!

I tried to tone down my smelly temper, but at time I just simply can't stand it ---》no matter to wat... my friends, my parents, Hubb or even strangers! Simply sometime I dun wat ppl are thinking...

Just today... All started with Scoots promotion airfare...

Simple conversations I had to repeat myself at twice.. y can't ppl read my massage clearly or rem wat I had told them, few months ago nor few weeks ago or even days.. It just like a few hrs and I had to repeat myself.. it berry tiring!

Still I will try my best to 'ren'! Even it regarding to my work..

Jiayou Yanling!

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