Saturday, October 19, 2013

Last day in Thailand ~ still food

Last day in Thailand
We started our day at Platinum Fashion Mall
 Address: Ratchathewi,  Thailand (Opp Glow Hotel)

Lunch at the Platinum food court
This is where u get cheap and nice local delights
We ordered
*Fried oyster omelette ~ 9/10
*Mini bird eggs ~ 3/10
*Mini seafood pancake ~ 6/10
*Basil Leave fried pork rice ~ 7/10
*Tom Yum Gung with rice ~ 7/10
*Pork leg rice ~ 8/10
*Bird Nest ~ 0/10
Hubb wrote a note for the housekeeping that he wanna a towel baby elephant
I told him dun bother la coz they may not do it for you
so we didn't expect much when we went back hotel 
ya once again back to hotel
not to put shopping bag
but to rest hor
Seem like we spend more time at the hotel than shopping lor
Sorry out of topic again
Baby elephant with a small note 
*Have a nice stay* 
This totally brighten up our day and stay
Thumb up 
***Good job***
Selfies of the day
mi and my green tea latte
a must have drink whenever wherever I am
Haaa @_@
That's my hubb, below. ..
Always crack my head n brain with his face reactions
love him so so so much
As u all can see! 
Saab saab wanton mee plastic bag
Yupz hubb went to buy for just he and me 

Thanks hub
 for always putting mi in his berry first place and always go the extra mile just for me

 We oso order 1 banana chocolate crepe to share
*Fat die us*
It taste wonderful!
There's 2 stalls selling, just facing each other
We choose the more ppl de
the one outside the goldsmith
A gentle reminder
Always buy from the roadside stall who had the most locals queuing
That's how we manage to eat roadside food without going toilet♥♥♥
Look at how hubb enjoy his crepe!!
We went back to Amarin to collect hubb's shirt
Den back to Siam center
wanna eat siam oishi but need to wait for 2hrs plus
so we went to Sizzler since there's is a Wednesday deal offer
Free flow salad and soup
this is the toilet
A berry meaningful toilet
Can't stop myself from snapping 
Check out the toilet door next time u inside!

World famous Kuspy Kreme 
Original glazed for 27/29 baht which is S$1/1.20
it still taste fantastic
Even we had it 2 days later...
u dun even need to reheat
To our shock
In SG 
1 original glazed cost S$2.60
Even in Malaysia, it only costs RM2.60 which is S$1
Shocking right!
Super doper over-price sia

Not only in Thailand
Everywhere I go 
I must go the their local supermarket
Even in Sg
I love going supermarket
As I believe that we can find all sorts of stuffs there
we spend almost all our thai baht there and we didn't noe 'After you' is just outside
Lucky hubb's frenz still had some spare caah to change with us
Shibuya honey toast
Highly recommended by Bett and bf
now by ME
this is the most memorable things during my this trip
You really will regret if u never tried this!!!

Shibuya honey toast ~ 165baht
Which is S$6.60 
but it really worth it!
After You Located at Ground floor at Siam Paragon
just beside the supermarket

Day 1 loots
All foods, mainly seaweeds
Day 2 loots
Day 3 loots

End of Holiday
Not feeling sad at all coz didn't really enjoy much during this trip
Thanks to the old uncle lor
Same flight with bett and her bf
Just sitting side by side..
oh ya
Met this cutie and he kept looking at mi
Oppz shy sia!
Got once he hold my finger and started trying to peel off my gelish manicure
Cute to the max!
Plus he not afraid of plane taking off and landing
I'm referring to ear block
he just make my day!

Finally home sweet home
To our surprise 
Check baggage
I remember past few times we just have walked straight all the way 
before we reached the checkpoint and collect luggage
(There's once we were lost and went to the departure hall/dfs)
I believe this is to prevent ppl from carry prohibited
stuffs in their hand carry baggage
Finally updated Thailand trip
Next up is brother's wedding update
Or I should just skip it

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