Sunday, March 15, 2015

Love Notes❤❤❤

After reading a post (15 ways my husband makes our marriage work) by Brooke Romney, somehow felt quite lovely and sweet and true.. 
I juz have the urge to pin it down.. 
Hubb and I are together for almost 10 years (this year!!) and just got married for 2 months 8weeks.. We were young, crazy, madly in love.. 
From a rebellious teen to his gf to now his wife.. 
Every single bits changes my life to the better.. Hubb taught mi how to give in and take and love.. 
Some points that really relates Hubb (okay us!!) 
He prioritizes time with me
Seriously, not all guys will do this.. Hubb did it.. I love our 'ME' time and 'heart to heart talk' especially right before bedtime.. Though, it's always me who break it.. He still makes effort.. And I appreciate it alot.. 
He notices me
Yes.. I totally agree with the author~a woman likes to be noticed and complimented.. 
It really builds me up and gives mi confidence every time he praises mi..
He doesn't keep score
Yes.. I do.. And I still did it.. Just can't kick of this habit.. 
Different between the author and mi is.. 
Hubb keeps score too.. 
Reason y I stated this, is because.. I'm freaking fantastic in keeping the score real hard.. 
He wants me to be fulfilled
I love to be stay-home housewife even I do not any kiddos right now.. He is always supportive but at times, he always helps mi work through these feeling and forces me out of my comfort zone to discover even better of myself..! 
Yes, he always the first and only one I confide in.. 
Beside him, I dun think I can find anyone to replace him...
He takes me away
Till now, he still make the efforts to plan getaway every year..
(although it always mi pestering him that I wanna travel but I noe he truly wanna bring mi de...) 
It really doesn't matter where or how long, it juz does makes mi feels different in many ways..
He treats me like a lady
He always let mi board the bus before him and alight the bus first just to hold my hand and make sure I'm safe.. He massage my always sore feet even when he is tired too.. He helps with my laundry just to allow mi to go to bed early.. 
He is honest with me
Okay he too keeps in the loop about our finance (hahaha.. His finance actually) He treats me like a partner and share his feeling on our future.. 
He keeps marriage fun
Honestly, we oso have our problems, our arguments! I angry, I cried.. But I oso grateful that all these brought us even closer together.. 

Indeed, I feel love after reading her post.. sweet and loving... 

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