Sunday, November 8, 2015

First stage of Korea Planning❤❤❤

Hi again..
As you all know I will be flying to Korea in March 2016, I already started my planning.. Kinda stressful, still kinda fun and exciting..!
I even bought a wind proof jacket from Uniqlo, and it's couple jacket wor... 
(okay I forced Hubb to get it too since it only $49.90...)

Though this is not our first free and easy trip planning (the first one is to Taiwan..), we are facing alot more difficulty.. 
Planning to Taiwan is so much easier than Korea, berry important is due to language barrier even though I can find a lot information through many blogs but most of the korea website is in Korean.. * scratch head* hahaha 
Another headache is domestic flight and accommodation etc.. For Taiwan, we can easier plan to travel by their high speed from Taipei to Taichung or Tainan or even Kenting.. Not tat it is berry difficult to plan for Korea la.. just that I need to put in more effort when planning to Korea especially we wanna go Jeju island... 

Our flight from Singapore to Korea is 1455 - 2220.. (Oh man.. what a timing...!!!)
We are planning to go Jeju island for 2 nights but can't decide to catch the last flight to Jeju or stay a night near Gimpo airport.
We even think of saving the $$$ and remain at the airport then book the earliest flight to Jeju.. However, Hubb kinda rejected this idea, I believe he dun wish mi to be too tired and shag for the whole trip. But staying in the airport dun sound that bad isn't it?? Still appreciate that Hubb always put mi in the berry first place...
In the end, we decided to book a apartment through airbnb website.. After all the searching and comparing, I feel more easy to stay in apartment rather than the hotel, partly is because it's so much cheaper.. 
Anyway, at least right now, our first night accommodation is settle.. Now left with domestic flight and Jeju itinerary..
I know all this can slowly, but I can't rest my mind as long as long there's thing undone.. Well! hahaha

Planning stages
- Book accommodation for 1 night(20-21 Mar) near Gimpo airport, check for train n bus last timing.. 
1st Nov - Booked with Ian and Leona for S$110.00, they respond berry fast to my queries. They helped mi check for the train timing.. Last train to leave Incheon airport to Gimpo airport is at 23:57..  and told mi that they will meet us at the Gimpo airport.. They even told mi estimated to take taxi to their apartment is USD45.. Really appreciate it alot... Hope we will have a wonderful stay with them... 
- Book domestic flight ticket to and fro Jeju
4th Nov - Booked our domestic flight with Jeju air.. Whipping up a post for Jeju flight booking.. Stress!
- Book accommodation for 2 nights ((21-23 Mar) in Jeju
18th Nov - Booked our 2 nights stay at Ocean Palace Hotel.. I'm getting more and more excited!!
- Jeju itinerary
30th Nov - Booked our Jeju tour with Mr Seoung Hun Koh recommended by Hubb's colleague..
- Book accommodation for 5 nights (23-28 Mar) in Seoul
18th Feb - Finally booked our final 5 days stay in Seoul from airbnb.. Getting more and more excited!
- Seoul itinerary
17th Mar - YES! 3 more days and our itinerary finally ready to print.. Can't wait to show all of you.. HUBB effort... Love ya...!

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