Sunday, November 1, 2015

Summary of my October

Well, nothing special particular happening this month, what worse can happen after all happen in September.. 
My sister in law is still sleeping, not making any huge improvement.. Feeling really heartache seeing my brother rushing here and there, especially when he told he wanna spend more time with his wife... I feel lost, I dunno what I can do for him beside lending him the listening ear tat dun do much... I wish can I do more for him.. 

My body not making any improvement too.. 
I still bleeding which is berry not normal and I'm not sure if it is bleeding due to the miscarriage issue or my menses came.. It's so hard to differentiate.. Just when I thought my bleeding stop, it came back after a day which left mi puzzled.. 
Doctor say my body is taking up too much stress and not coping well with it.. 
Frankly speaking, I really think that I'm not having much stress especially Hubb been giving in alot to mi, tolerate alot of my nonsense...  But when doctor asked mi whether how am I coping with my lost, I'm lost with words.. To be honest, I had been thinking about it every now and then.. But how can I not think about it... It's not easy to just let go and and forget all about what happen but I dun blame myself anymore and I accepted the fact.. Still Doctor says I'm still having stress and I need to let go.. 
I'm trying hard 
Dear Baby, Mummy promised you that I will never forget about you.. I promise!

Something to look forward to ~~~ Thanks to MIL for sponsoring the air tickets to Bangkok for Hubb and myself and BIL and his gf.. Yes you heard mi right.. I flying to Bangkok in Dec.. This coming trip will be more on eating trip as both BIL and gf dun really shop.. Kinda looking forward for our berry first trip without their parents(my parents in law~~~)

Oh and I'm going to celebrate my berry first Xmas in Malaysia JB with my butts which is our berry first overseas trip.. Even it just the 3 of us, it's really not easy to organize a overseas trip and we make it happens this time.. Kinda excited even though it's just JB, we still book the hotel for 3d2n which I also dunno what we can do for 2 nights.. hahaha... 

One more one more, Hubb and I are going to Korea in Mar'16.. Thank you Singapore Airlines keep having promotion, making my urge to travel come so easy and Hubb making his promises come true too.. (although I'm going to pay for the air tickets this time round... ehhh... can I say this is not counted?? hahaha!)
We are so excited over it especially we are planning a free and easy trip. From places of interests to accommodation to transportation, all this is making mi crazy but excited too.. Gonna do up alot of homework..

November please be good as well.. 

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