Friday, October 23, 2015

Birthday treats with in laws at Elemen Millenia Walk

Hello.. Another day out with Hubb's family, this day we celebrate Hubb's daddy n mummy birthday..
Decided to went out slightly early to get birthday prezzies for both of them.. 
Wanna take a selfie, in the end Hubb disturbed! 
Still a good take ba..
Girlie M, a girl who dun really eat veg especially vegetarian food recommended me to Elemen .. This kinda tempt mi to go have a try.. Since it's both my in laws birthday, so decided to bring them here since father in law love veg alot..

At Elemen serves either a 5 (S$23.80++) or 8 ( S$32.80++) course meal whole day, only 8 course meal on weekend.. They offer more like a semi fine dining style with fusion cuisine.. 

Elemen Appetizer
From right to left: Cucumber is filled with mash potato and served with special sauce, Black sesame tofu and cherry tomato in Plum sauce.. (Not to my liking... =.=)

Rosemary Bread Sticks
I love this bread sticks alot.. 2 each is really not enough..!

Avocado Salad

Quinoa Salad
Okay I seriously think I only like Caesar salad.. But Hubb say this is good.. 

Fruit Salad
Nothing special but indeed Freshly cut fruits.. My safe choice!

Mushroom Salad
Kinda scary right.. But this taste really good.. 

Wild mushroom cream soup with white Truffle oil
Sadly.. I keep saying should have leave the breadsticks for this..!
This actually my first time finished the whole bowl all by myself.. I just love everything with truffle ever since I'm back from Europe.. 

Cream of Pumpkin soup
Feel so sorry toward Hubb.. Make him ordered this so we can share both soup but I really dun like this so he had to finish all by himself...
There's 2 other kind of chinese style soup; Maca soup and Fresh burdock roots with monk fruits

Apple Cider
They served together with the soup so we dunno wat to have first so we had appler cider before the soup which we supposed to drink after.. 
Girlie M mentioned by right they will intro to us de.. Not sure why they didn't!! 

Avocado Roll 
One of the favorite dish.. Love the avocado together with the teriyaki..  

Tomato Basil Spaghetti
Highly recommended!! This is really good... 
Spaghetti is pretty well cook and the tomato sauce... really is wonderful! 

King Oyster Mushroom cream pasta
Super 'jer-lat' super thick cream pasta.. In the end MIL added in water which taste so much better..

Wild mushroom and white truffle pizza
Served with spinach, of coz you must eat it together with the pizza.. It really taste heavenly wonderful.. 
Highly recommended!! Please please order this.. You will definitely love it too..

Mushroom Risotto with black truffle
BIL gf ordered this and she say risotto dun taste like this, and frankly speaking it dun taste good too.. 

Brown rice with Grilled Eggplant
This dish give us a shock especially when we all are bursting and this dish served last.. Plus the dish appearance is kinda scary.. The only dish which left almost untouched.. 

Iced Passionfruit tea and Grapefruit mojito
Berry refreshing and I love both of it.. 

Chamomile Tea and Roselle Tea
Chocolate Lava Cake with Ice Cream

Happy Birthday to both my in-laws!
Thank you for taking good care of mi, treating like your own daughter..
Stay healthy and happy always..

Love this family photo a lot...

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