Saturday, October 17, 2015

Chock full of beans on a Friday Afternoon!

Just one beautiful Friday afternoon (yes PSI level is below100, consider berry good liao la ba), Hubb and I decided to go have some nice brunch since we are at Aloha chalet..
So we bring along my xiaogu and Hubb's mother to Chock full of Beans (supposedly, we wanna go coastal settlement de but I got my eyes on the 3D café art so ya here we are..)

Finally got the chance to dine here, I had been wanna come here, all thanks to all my friends' instagram, especially the 3D café art.. I'm impressed..

As we came during the rush hour, indoor seats are all taken up, so we had to sit outdoors.. Thankfully the weather is good la so we had no issues dining outdoors, not as if we are seated under the hot sun..
But one issue, mosquito bites, and why is it all mi!!?? 
Xiaogu * Linguine Aglio Olio with Prawns and Squids - S$14.90 

My favourite pasta which I decided to give it a miss..
Maybe brunch to mi is must have eggs, ham and bread de.. That's mi and my weirdo thinking...
Hubb's Mother * Spaghetti with wild mushrooms in Alfredo sauce - S$14.90
Hubb * Linguine Pesto With chicken - S$14.90

Hubb surprised mi by order pesto linguine, he dun usually order so unsafe food.. Lucky for him, it dun taste awful, okay at least to his liking..
Frankly speaking, I dun like it at all.. The pesto taste is way too strong for my liking even though I love pesto sauce...
Mine - Egg Benedict - S$13.90
I dun usually order poached egg all by myself because of many fail experience, but this berry day, I decided to give it try and it was surprisingly too good.. Especially it goes with the ham and homemade toast!! Heavenly Yummy! I serious!!
All combo sets served with either soup or drink...
Since I'm here for their 3D café art, I choose soup over the drink, same goes with Hubb..
 Seriously, the soup tasted OKAY, yes just okay only..

3D café art is special and new to me..
Kind shy, so dun dare to ask whether can we choose design that we want.. Lucky their standard café art got Hello Kitty though it's not my latte but Hubb's..
 Did I just melted..?
Overall, I love the egg benedict and my latte but I think for months I wun be coming back for another time..
Chock Full of Beans
4 Changi Village Road, #01-2090, Singapore 500004 (Right next to the Hawker centre)
6214 8839

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