Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Aloha Loyang - Sea View Terrance

Booked chalet for my brother's baby Deon for his full month celebration but due to a lot of things happened recently, was supposed to cancel this chalet but because of the time frame given and it is booked under Hubb's mother, we decided to carry on the chalet but a quiet 1...
 (you all should know about my sister in law issue.. if you haven't, you may wanna read it up here!

So, this isn't my first time having chalet at Aloha Loyang.. It really a prefect place for family gathering especially for big family, at least it has 4 rooms in each bungalow style and you dun have to squeeze all in 1 room with a queen sized bed.. Oh ya, I dun booked Aloha Changi at all, heard it is pretty scary.. Not sure how true la... Maybe it just for you to find out..

Okay.. Just as I say, this isn't the first time I'm here, I'm quite surprised with the newly renovated chalet.. I even commented it looks so much better than my own house (okay I regretted what I had say.. My house is so much better than here la..!)
I love the bbq pit the most.. Best renovation out of everything..
Now we dun have to worry if it was to rain when bqq..
Plus it came with 2 bbq pit though we use 1 only and with sink too.. Simply save a lot of hassle to alot ppl..
First night only we 2 lovely dopey bird staying in this 4 rooms bungalow abit scary la but what to do..
Both of us dun really catch any sleep..
Hubb was because there's too many lizards climbing around making him Goosebumps and irritated plus he need to take care of mi..
Yes, I'm down with food poisoning, middle of night kept running toilet and even vomited, this made my Hubb even more worried.. (Following week fell sick, no voice!! =.=")
When will all this stop!!!  
Since only we are alone at chalet, let's have take more photos hahaha.. Just Love iphone camera a lot, especially the self timer!!
Went for brunch the next day with Hubb's mother and my Xiaogu at Chock full of beans.. First time ordered egg benedict and ate it all by myself..
Read my post here!
Order food from Bbq wholesale.. Simply because I love the premium cup otah and corn kernel in cup.. If not, I will jus buy everything at NTUC..
So much cheaper and we can buy more food stuffs which in the end we still went to Ntuc to buy some more stuffs coz some of the items are really too expensive..
Plus the more you order, the more they will charge you on the form box which I dun really like this idea.. If saying, we bought ice cubes with them den no choice they have to charge us for the foam box, den I will accept it.. But they will charge us for the form box for the food too.. Shouldn't be inclusive for food ordering?? Anyway, I realised is because they dun have a proper storage of food in their van.. so that why, they charged to consumer..
Our chef of the night ~ I mean whole night..
Thank you Hubb.. Love you deep deep..

The yummlious corn kernel!!
Okay I decided.. I will make this myself in next bbq, seem easy hor..

Hubb's brother and gf made marshmallow chocolate.. Too sweet..
Actually I planning to do it in a corn, in the end give up the idea coz can't get mini marshmallow! sad mi! 
Happy birthday to my father in law.. Stay healthy and happy always..
Hope you dun mind this last min of changes too..

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