Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Dubai HoneyMoon Day 13-14

Finally come to the end.. after 10 months..
I'm so so so sorry..
Sorry for updating so late, especially my memories is fading off... Plus all the post photos kept went missing, make mi so headache had to redo all over again and again.. I know it still missing I dunno why, it was okay everytime I uploaded it, I trying my best to update it back.. 

First of all, I wanna thank EU holidays for this wonderful trip.. and of course Empires for offering DUBAI stay for free.. I dun wish to admit that I fall in love with Dubai..
Especially the hotel ¬ Movenpick Hotel was prefect..
One thing I will definitely remember was... 
my jetlag finally stuck mi, yes after 12-13 days and in Dubai.. Oh MY god...
It's really a torture..!!
I only remember I slept throughout the bus ride after we touched down to DUBAI.. 
Hubb told mi I missed out alot but I totally cannot open my eyes...
All photos taken by my hubb..
Lucky us, global village was held during our stay in Dubai...

Global Village is claimed to be the world's largest tourism, leisure and entertainment project.. It is the region's first cultural, entertainment, family and shopping destination. 
Global Village was held every year from November to April..
You can visit many countries without having your passport..
But sad to say, it quite disappointed.. Imagine you saw ' Singapore' and thinking to find some Singapore delight but only to find that the price is twice or triple the price in SG... plus quite misleading cause alot of food and stuffs you find there were not from Singapore ..
We are totally not into the food here especially the sweetcorn...! 
Everything was so expensive.. 
I started to miss my croissant, bacon and eggs, creme brulee and escargot already... 
Managed to catch the water fountain.. It was so beautiful.. 
Definitely worth all the wait and walk and ya.. the food..
I had a wonderful night with a prefect sleep.. 
Gonna start the beautiful day with the breakfast.. and it's international food.. 
I just dun understand why I love bread with butter so so so much..
It tastes so yummy everywhere...
International breakfast tastes yummy too.. 
At least satisfy our miss home food craving...
Must have ~~~Coffee

Took the free shuttle bus to Dubai Mall, we even rush to catch the last timing of the shuttle bus back to hotel just to save on the taxi fare, as we were told that it will costs us a bomb..
Total forget the timing of the shuttle bus..
Actually nothing much for us to shop here cause everything is so much expensive as compare to Europe.. even the pierre herme cost almost 3 times...
Still I bought a pair of pump from Ted Baker as they having sales... oh ya.. and I also bought 1 watch at Aldo..
Had dessert with my tour friends at The Cheesecake Factory..
I heard from my friend, this is origin from United States..
*blink blink* to my lovely Hubb..
When are you bringing mi to United States??

Red Velvet cheesecake❤
Frankly speaking, I had never had such yummy cakes before..
Not in SG..
There's many many kinds of cakes, kinda spoil with choices.. We cannot simply order everything as there's only 5 of us..
After all the yummy debate, we ordered the following...
❤ Fresh strawberry cheesecake
❤Hershey's Chocolate Bar cheesecake
❤Ultimate Red Velvet Cheesecake

Tummy Rub!!
Way too Yummylicous...
We ate way too fast as we need to rush to catch the shuttle bus back to hotel for our Desert Safari Tour..

We were shuttled to the dubai desert with  4 x 4 wheel drive..
A must for everyone who visit to Dubai.. 
Stopped halfway through the desert for the driver to prepare tire pressure deflation for dune dashing..
Tell you ~~~ I was scare out of my life lor.. 
Screaming at the top of my voice!!!!
Tour friends all laughing hard at mi lor, even my Hubb.. Humpz...!!!
 Just remember* everything here need $$$, even feeding the birds and whatsoever...
My berry first time having adventure in a desert..
As I'm too clumsy,  so I choose to stay put.. even though I wanna jump and run around like the rest...
Lucky for mi, there's 2 photo stops in between the dune drive.. A chance for mi to breathe..
Mi with my tour friends..
Love this girls... Please stay in contact ya...
Where's my sun-glass??
Okay ~~ Where's my eyes????

Candid shot with fun people
Magical moment

We den shuttle to the tent camp for exotic bbq dinner..
We had to queue to get our food, ladies aside guy another side..
It was a berry fantastic experience, especially we got to dined under the desert skies with belly dances and Egyptian dance performances..
Outside the camp, was motor ride and camel ride.. Pity cool experience.. Too bad most of us dun wish to spend the extra.. Kinda expensive..
Hubb and mi fell sick due to not use to the food in dubai, mainly should be due to the camel meat..
Still, nothing stop us from going back home..
I miss my home madly... (psst: I miss Paris a little more...) 

Finally I'm done with my honeymoon trip to Europe..
I have a wonderful time in Europe and Dubai.. 
Thank you Hubb for the wonderful trip...

Please bring mi back soon ya..
Love you...

~~~~ The End ~~~~

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