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Travel Guide for Bangkok

If you notice from all my travel posts is mainly Bangkok.. Just this year alone I went to Bangkok for 3 times and I flying over this Dec again.. Even more frequent than I fly to Taiwan.. Ehh.. I still wan to go Taiwan if I have the choice..
Anyway, and So I thought it will be nice to gather all travel information guide in one post..
I'm definitely not a bkk PRO, so just my two cents worth..
Okay on this post, I will be sharing on where I stay, what I eat

1. Air tickets to Thailand

Flight duration ~ 2hrs
I usually fly with budget airlines with the price less than S$200..
Always update on promotion especially Budget airlines always on promotion...
Scoots on every Tuesday and Jetstar on every Friday..

However, recently Singapore airline is having promotion and is way much worth it, simply just $20-$30 more, why not ya...
And yes, I flying to Bkk in just 2 more days.. I had booked my air tickets with SQ at the price of S$249..
Oh ya.. I always recommend my friends to take to Suvarnabhumi Airport instead of Don Muang airport as Don Muang is much further and older..
Take note that Scoots only fly to Don Muang airport

2. Transport

From airport to hotel to airport ~ Well, it always depend on who you travelling with.. If you are travelling with young children and elderly, I would seriously recommend to book your airport transport before you travel.
One of the recommended Taxi Good Service 1200 baht per way
If you are travelling with friends or like mi travelling with my travel companion, my Hubb, I would recommend to take Suvarnabhumi Airport's rail link which is much faster and cheaper than taking cab...
For travelling around in Bangkok ~ Different transport for different location and of course depending on the distance..
Cab: For long distance and to save travelling time for shopping! How great isn't it!
For places like Chinatown, Thonglor area, Terminal 21 and even Chatchuchak market, I would highly recommend you to take cab instead of tuk tuk..

Tuk Tuk: For short distance travel. Main reason is they are not safe and healthy especially it's opened air and it's berry easy target for pickpocket! To be frank, tuk tuk rides is much more cheaper and faster than cab.. Cause to avoid traffic jam, tuk tuk driver usually will take short cuts using small alleys and even went against the traffic flow.. It's really up to you if you are to take the challenge!
For places like Pratunam to Siam area or MBK and even back to Pratunam

Train: You have to do a lot of homework before you travel to Bangkok..
Yes, by train, you sure gonna save a lot on transport . Example, minimum for Tuk Tuk is usually 100-200 baht but if by train is juz 30-40baht..

3. Accommodation

Many of my friends tend not to spend much on accommodation in Bangkok since most of the time you wun be in hotel and they rather to save the money shopping and food..
Frankly speaking, hotels rate in Bangkok is really not that high rather compared to SG hotel.. Just a stayaction will cost you about S$300 for the same star hotel in Bangkok..
I will always book different hotel every time I fly there and usually Pratunam area.

Baiyoke Sky
Pros: Breakfast spread ~ I love the breakfast spread..And it located in the Pratunam...
Con: the room is huge but I heard from my friends that this is the last hotel you should stay de.. Hmm... sound scary isn't it.. Hubb mentioned he did encounter something weird which he didn't tell me at that point of time..

Novotel Siam Square
Pro: Just opposite siam paragon, walkable distance to siam night market. Many yummeh thai restaurants around the hotel... I love this hotel the most.. The staffs all are way too friendly and helpful...
Con: The price is too steep for Bangkok stay especially for budget travelers... We only manage to book this hotel due to promotion and it was our anniversary trip...

Budacco Hotel -
Pro: Rooms are rather pretty because of the color theme if different room.. Good location, located one of the small valley in the middle of Pratunam market..
Con: There's ants everywhere even on the bed...
Other than the location, I dun see any reason for me to book this hotel again.. Just top up $20-$30 more to have a better hotel ba..

Glow Pratunam -
Pros: One of the best thing is their flooring. Cause I dun really like carpet flooring cause we wun know how clean the carpet is.. Dun forget the fluffy bed which make the whole hotel stay complete!!
Overall, I still love the entire hotel ~ One of my favourite hotel in Bangkok.. I already stay 3 times in this hotel..

Con: Not much massage places around the hotel.. The only 1 is located in the same building with Glow and the price is much more higher.. Lucky enough the massage is good which I dun mind spending more for it...  Not much stuffs to do and buy after 10 pm.. (anyway, heard from my frenz that the area near glow change alot.. Not sure about the massage area but definitely there's food stall selling seafood which they mentioned it was good... Too bad I dun have the chance to go try the seafood.. My itinerary is always full of food already... Anyway the hotel rate had been increasing too fast so I dun think I wun be booking Glow..

The Berkeley Hotel Pratunam
Pro: As you can see, the room is big and the bed is huge.. My daddy love it, he mentioned the bed is better den Glow hotel.. For mi.. Glow is still better coz I prefer fluffy bed, here, the bed is abit hard kind.. still not too bad...
Walk-able distance to central world and big c
It located juz diagonally Platinum Fashion mall, and there's night market at the foot of the hotel... Even the famous chicken rice is juz opposite...
Con: They have 2 towers, unless you book luxury room at main tower which cost you slightly S$10-S$20 more, if not you can book their premier room at north tower which require to take lift at main tower to level 11 and you still have to walk to take another lift...
One more minus point is the dangerous traffic.. there's no proper way to go to platinum mall or even to the opposite road.. You really have to run across the road and watch for cars...

4. Shopping

Chatuchak Weekend Market - Friday night, Sat and Sun
Not many tourists found during Friday night.. Maybe all catching their sleep for the berry next day..
Totally different kind of CTC market to seen during the day.. Of coz maybe due to the cooling weather at night.. Hmm.. I still prefer the day with the hot sun.. hahaha
Take note that, not all shops open during the day open at night... it actually different side of the lane..

What to eat in Chatuchak Market?
Grilled pork Chop, Fried fish cake, Fried moshi, Coconut icecream
Highly recommend!! Grilled pork chop!
Located at Soi 4 area 22

Union Mall
Frankly speaking, I dun really like to shop here..
The price here is selling 2-3 times more than any other places in Bangkok... What you can find here can be found at Platinum fashion mall and Chatchutak market so why bother to come all the way here... ohh.. unless you have time to spare..

The Platinum Mall
My family and friends all love this mall alot... This mall is huge and usually you will walk till your leg break...
To tell the truth, I never at once walked finish the whole building(both towers) in one day.. Maybe this time in Dec coz I will be staying at Novotel Bangkok Platinum, just above the mall.. SO excited...!

Pratunam Morning Market
They are open from 5am-9am (actually it open throughout the day but juz different vendor is selling at the same location.. but still isn't it the Pratunam market..!)
Important note is most of the shop is selling wholesale price meaning.. you gotta buy 3 pieces and above to get the price stated otherwise the price is will be much higher wor...
So it will be great if you are going in a group and of the same styles, I know it kinda hard to find at least 2-3 girls of the same size and styles hahaha... Den I would suggest that you buy 3 different designs/color.. Tat what I usually do..
If I were to choose, I prefer Pratunam morning market than Chatchutak market

Bobae tower/Bobae Market

Located juz ten minute tuk tuk ride (about 50baht but, normally tuk tuk driver will quote 100baht and mostly wun go any lower...) In the case the driver does know where (which is impossible ...) you can ask them to drop you at Prince Palace hotel..
Many sellers at Platinum mall, pratunam market and even chatchutak market came here to purchase..
I rem buying 4 dresses for 500baht, 1 short for 50baht...

Siam night Market

One of  my favorite night market, shopping distinct in Bangkok..
It located just below Siam BTS, whole stretch of street and ends just opposite MBK..
It starts around evening to around 12am daily..
You can find alot clothes quite up to trend and fashionable..
PS: Rem to bring along your shopping bag.. Although in Thailand, they dun charge for plastic bag, avoid getting plastic bag for every purchases as at the end of trip, you will just going to throw away all the plastic bags while packing your luggage.. 
So, let's be a little eco friendly while traveling ❤️

5. Massage
Please dun skip massage when you are in Bangkok..
It only cost as cheap as 100baht, eq: about S$4.00 so why not..
I love foot massage, if I can, I dun mind doing it every night.. At least I can walk further and longer the following day...
Common massages are Thai body massage, foot massage and head & shoulder massage. Personally, I love fott massage cause I dun like lying on the mattress and facing the pillow which I dunno how clean it is.. Sorry to sound like I'm a clean freak as I got breakout everytime I did full body massage so not gojng to risk it anymore.. Definitely, full body massage is shiok and Hubb love it alot...

6. Tailor Made (specially for the guys)
There's plenty of tailors in Bangkok, but Hubb always go to Paul's fashion located at Armai watergate hotel..
The prices and quality is comparable with others..
But Hubb realised he should go to other Tailor already cause they had limited choices for us to choose from already...

8. Erawan Shrine

Not sure since when, it has became a must for Hubb and myself to go 'bai bai' at Erawan Shrine.. Usually we will go once we check in hotel but if it was too late, we will go the next day for sure and we will make the effort to go down on our last day if the time permit..

I hope this guide helps your way in your planning BKK trip..
Have tons of fun in BKK!

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