Saturday, December 19, 2015

Things Totally dun wish to receive for Xmas

Well, it's time of the year, December ~~~screaming.. 
My favorite month of the year, in addition, it's also my wedding anniversary month.. 
This year celebrate our first year wedding anniversary and I'm Berry contented I have Hubb by my side (always❤️.... 谢谢你老公).. 
Since this year we had spend a bomb on flying, we decided to lay low, not booking anymore holiday ( shhh... Btw I'm going to JB with frenz for Xmas..), and also no stayactions, maybe juz a lovely dinner-just the two of us ( okay like as if we have plenty of lightblub!! Oh well..)
I love receiving prezzies, two times in a year to receive prezzies(once on my birthday, and xmas season too..!!) 
Suddenly feel like to write up a post stating the worse xmas prezzies or maybe I should say a post stating a list of stuffs which I totally dun feel excited upon receiving it.. If any of my frenz is reading, please dun buy all this in the list for mi.. I'm a berry simple kind of girl, a simple plushie can make mi berry happy..

1) Body Shop
I know right!!! 
Frankly speaking, body shop stuffs if not cheap so why bother to get this when most of the people dun like to receive this.. Maybe you can choose Sephora  or Innisfree, at least it's a hot thing right now.. As for the price, maybe it's a few dollars more but let think this way ~ it's for your friends (if they are not why bother to get a prezzie at the first place!)

2) Perfumes and body lotion
Firstly everyone have that particular brand he/she is using.. Nobody would wanna have this for Xmas.. Trust mi!

3) Decorative soap
Love Hate relationship.. 
Nah.. I really not into soap, especially decoration soap..
Oh please.. Nobody will use it, or I should No one ever use it.. In fact it will sit and sit in my storeroom for years. After years, into the dustbin... 
Guys, decorative soap isn't cheap either..

4) Photo frames
Okay.. I admitted that I love taking photos and printing them.. 
But I cannot be changing photo frames every now and then right. I believe many of us would love to buy the photo frames ourselves rather than having plenty on standby..
(who the hack will be buying photo frames to friends every year... ~ oh pls, I have one who did..!)

5) Daiso, $2 shop  
Dun get me wrong.. I love to go Daiso and I went there almost every week.. 
Unless you are getting for a group of 30-40 ppl party, why would wanna get it at Daiso when everyone noe exactly how much it is..

6) Cups, Mugs etc
this is the worse Xmas gift I ever think of..
It is that feeling when you got the cartoon cups for buying toothpaste..

Well, this is based on my liking.. Some may love to have the mentioned items la.. But totally a NO-No for mi la.. 
Like many ppl dislike receiving towels but actually I love it.. 
Well, but I always show 100% appreciation cause it always the thought that counts..

Happy shopping peeps..!
6 days to Christmas...
Merry Christmas!

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