Friday, January 1, 2016

It's 2016

Happy 2016, Happy New Year to all of you..
May all of you have another great year ahead.. 

Alot of things happen in 2015, especially second half of the year..
 frankly speaking I still can't get over it..
Everything is still trending
My sister in law is still sleeping in hospital.. I really not sure when will she wake up.. Seeing my brother, my heart hurts..
Still praying every single day for her to wake up and get well soon..
A fall can be scary so please be careful and if you got hit on the head, please immediately go hospital and get a scan.. This is not a joke..

Next big thing affected my life is that my bb already gone..
Well, no worries.. I'm fine already..
Just from time to time, I will still think of bb and tears abit.. But I'm really okay le...
Though Hubb dun believe mi at all.. Hahaha... Also good la.. cause he treating mi extremely well, not like he treat mi bad in the past la just extremely well after this incident..
Right now, I'm trying to put my health back on track and I can't wait to have a good new soon..
Praying hard...

Okay let's recap for 2015 resolutions.. I can say I'm doing pretty well and good..

1) Baby ~ Really gonna work hard to get my health back on track so I can '为任家添宝宝'
Well, I did have one inside mi for a week.. Sorry I didn't take good care of the bb.. I will definitely treasure my next one..

2) Candy Bar by Surprising My Love - Have more sales
Three sales ~ not alot but is a large milestones for SML..
We are currently incoperation with Aiido Wedding and we are looking forward for another milestone in 2016..
Not just candy bar, Hubb's instagram livefeed is doing berry well... I'm so proud of him...
Let's work harder together..

3) Weight ~ This is so difficult but I will work hard to achieve it...
I lost 8kg this year! Kinda hard for mi, cut down on coke(especially), all sweet drink and even food, but I'm working hard on this, especially for our baby.. I need to.. Will try to cut down on oily food too this year... Jia you Yanling..

4) Travelling ~ Next in list... Korea ~~~ Please wait for mi...! 
Suppose to fly to Korea in 2015 de hor... Anyway, I fly enough this year already..
3 times Bangkok
1 time Phuket
A few times Malaysia.. 够了够了!

My flight to Korea in March 2016 is confirmed.. and I can't wait for March to come...

5) Happy Marriage
Everyone know I have a happy family.. Hubb treat mi berry good though at time he really can piss mi off... Still, I love him so much
Sorry to keep showing off how loving we are but I'm really not showing off cause Hubb really treat mi well.. 
I dun say for the sake of saying but from the bottom of my heart.. 

Still thinking should I do a resolutions for 2016?
I think I should la so I can recap my 2016 in 2017 to see how well I go... hahhaa

1)  Most important in my list ~ 为任家添宝宝

2) Travel Travel Travel ~ Korea (okay this one is confirm going liao la..) I want to go Hongkong, Australia, Taiwan again, maybe Bangkok..

3) Lose more weight 

4) Happy family, happy friends 

5) Keep up Blogging..

Dun forget to write 2016 and not 2015 liao ya.. 
Happy 2016!

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