Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Bangkok,I'm back for the third time(in 2015!)...

Seriously times flies like nobody business.. 
It's already 2 months plus since I'm back from Bangkok and finally get this post updated.. 
woohooo... in just 27,8,9 days, I'm flying to Korea and I just booked my airbnb stay..  

Finally a long waited trip, special thanks to my mil for sponsoring our flight ticket and make this trip happen..
First time travelling with my bil and gf without parents in law..
(FIL is flying to Vietnam and MIL is flying to Japan... ENVY!)
Still feeling excited even though I already went BKK twice this year (excluding this trip!!)
so it like my third times flying to BKK exactly the same in 2013... My second home!!!
MIL even left us a note and $100 for lunch even though we got meal on board cause we are taking SQ this time round.. 
(seriously, SQ food really getting from bad to worse..!! I still prefer Emirate and Cathay food..)
Lunchie at one of the HongKong cafe at T2 and it extremely overpriced..
I dun even remember which one is nice..!

This meal costs us about S$90++
we should have settle our lunch at MAC instead..
I found a S$20.00 changi airport voucher on the floor..
A mother and son just walked past without picking it up so it shall be mine!
I noe I'm bad and I'm not honest.. wahahaha but who care... I got to buy 4 cups of coffee from coffee bean for the price of S$6.80 lei...

Mi and my sunflower...
Well, I just love sunflowers, in fact I love all kinds of beautiful flowers...
I'm a flower kind of girl.
Not hua hua to my Hubb can liao...
On Board lo!
Love this 2 passport holders we made during our first trip to BKK this year..
He love everything in black 
She love everything in Pink..

SQ in flight meal
Totally disappointed!!
(I didn't even have mine meal during the flight back to SG.. so disappointed!)

I love the sky, but I'm just too afraid to touch you close... so near yet so far
Selfie first before landing to BKK..
This white Xmas tree captured our attention..
Pretty cool ya..
I love this Xmas tree alot.. Isn't it beautiful..!

Check in Novotel Bangkok Platinum Hotel..
This hotel is located just beside(or I should say juz above) Platinum Fashion Mall.. Prefect lodging for those who love to shop at Platinum Fashion Mall and even Central World.. Actually it even walkable distance to Erawan Shrine and even Siam area..

I caught you bathing!

As we touched down a little way late, decided to settle our dinner at Fuji restaurant at Platinum Fashion mall..
Our all time favorite!
And it's so so so cheap..
As all shops closed berry early (basically all shops closed around 9..), we decided to go straight to Big C to shop for snackss...
And we bought the whole trolley of snacks!
Our Supper for the first night..!
McDonald pork burger, nuggets, fries and mango sticky rice is must!
DAY 2 race start!

Well, our day dun start without selfies shot!

Hubb's so vain keep saying his hair is like baby hair skin, smooth and soft..

Let you have a few 'alone' shot at morning market at Pratunam.

By the way, Pratunam morning market open as early as 4am.. But I dun recommend to go so early la.. Most of the stalls are still busying changing seller or setting up the stalls..
Anyway, it still dark at 4am so nothing much to see too..

As I just came here in May, so I had nothing much to see and buy.. And we came here for Hubb's sugar butter bread!
So after walking abt 2hrs or so, we went back to the hotel for breakkie... 
Went to visit my boss in Bkk ~ Okay I mean went to take the presents from JP from Boss..
Hahaha.. Thank you Boss for doting mi always..
Here's the goodies...
All from Japan, of coz not all for mi de la... 
Lunch at BBQ Plaza restaurant, super disappointed with the services and food..
I rem the last time I came, the food was damn nice and delicous..
Maybe it just different outlet..
Oh well, not going to come here anymore... 
Imagine we still have space for desserts right after lunch ~steamboat somemore..
Super love Croissant Taiyaki ~ love the sugar on the crispy skin with hot yummy red bean paste inside.. WOoo...

Came across the Giant Hello Kitty!
Okay mi not going to bring you home kitty.. See you when I see you again!

Due to too many photos, I decided to do up another post just for the Husky cafe..
Cause this does make my bangkok trip complete this time..
Hubb been wanna try the boat noodles since our last trip to Bangkok with my family but was rejected by mi.. (yessss mi!!)

This time, Hubb insisted to go Victory monument since we are so near there after Husky cafe.. 
 Boat noodles also known as Kway Teow. In older days, boat noodles are normally sold at river canals on a floating boat. Today, many of them have moved to the land and best place to find them is at Victory Monument. When you ask a local where to find the best boat noodles, they will probably direct you here ~ Victory Monument.
Googled many stalls and decided with the most recommended stall, most importantly, this stall is air-conditioned.. 
I remembered walking all the way in, last stall, anyway just look for the staffs wearing orange shirts... 
Oh ya, over at this stall, if you finish 20 bowls, you will a big bottle of Pepsi FREE!
Psst: It's only 10baht per bowl.... It's only a mouthful portion only.. So no worries..
And yes, we(four of us!!) managed to eat 20 bowls and we are freaking full..
Just alight at Victory Monument BTS Exit 3
Walk northwards towards the monument. Once you past the monument look down to the streets and find a stretch of stalls lining the canal.. 

How can we end our day without massage and supper!!!

Super thank you Hubb and bil for going out to source for food.. Well, totally no street food or any food stall (except for Mcdonald which open 24hrs) open after 11 at Platinum fashion mall area.. They walked all the way to Central World area to buy foods while I stay in room to wash up..

Damnnn... I miss this super hot spicy squid!!

A must have every time in Bangkok..
~~~ Krispy Kreme ~~~
Speak of the devil .............. I wan to eat one now!!!
Did you notice the price?

Original glazed for 27 baht which is about S$1.00
Assorted for 35 baht which is about S$1.40

Why did everything come to SG triple price!! Now you know why I must have this every time right...
 Only 1 original glazed and chocolate glazed are mine!!
Okay I only eat this 2 (this 2 are the nicest! Never get cheated by the cheesecake donut..!)
 Finally got to try the Tomyum UFO @ Sansab Restaurant after drooling by looking at my friends post and all the trending in facebook..
Located at Siam Paragon Level 4
991 Rama 1 Road, Pathumwan
Bangkok 10330
They have 2 different sets, seafood (570++ baht or non seafood (470++ baht) version
As Hubb not able to eat prawn, so we choose the non seafood version..
Honestly it looks so much better than it tastes.
Not going to go back for..

After You
We visited the outlet at Siam square One and the business was busting.. The whole café was filled with ppl, both tourist and locals...
Dun tell ppl you went to Bangkok before if you never try this..

Oh please.. this is the best toast I had ever had in Bangkok..
Okay I'm abit way too 'Kua zhang la'..

We waited about 20mins before our queue number was called..
Psst: Dun missed your number as you will have to re-take another number and wait again if you missed yours..
Most popular is the Shibuya Honey Toast which is a must try!
All of us loved this Shibuya Honey Toast so muchie...
I'm drooling!! OMG... I'm such a glutton... Shhh...
 ** I was so disappointed!!
The night market opposite Siam Paragon (in front of Siam square One) was closed. Not sure if they not opening or only closed for the time being.. But I have a strong feeling they close for good, as the auntie's stall which sell the most yummy mango sticky rice was gone too.. !! There goes my mango sticky rice AGAIN!!
My favorite night market of all lei.. **

Ended our day with massage again!

Though we have breakfast provided at the hotel, we decided to have our second breakfast at Saab saab wanton mee.. Okay, Hubb 'MUST HAVE' in Bangkok..
Well... it wasn't that fantastic anymore and totally not worth for the queue..
Lucky we reached early (they open 9am to 3pm..)

Spot Hubb in the photo!!
meaning they have no franchise..
Does this mean SG that saab saab wanton mee around AMK anyhow use their name?
Bad service experience!!
We were told when we asked for the bill that we have to order four bowls as we are sitting on 4 seats!! And she even wanna charged us for 4 bowls, not sure if she purposely or accidently la.. But when being asked, she the checked the bowls again and return us back a hundred..
Yes.. A hundred didn't cost much but I'm just no like the service attitude that they given to their customers..
Well.. the noodles cost 100 baht per bowl is like S$4.00 and I feel that I can get a even nicer wanton mee in SG with no queue at ALL..
I'm SOOOO going to try the AMK saab saab wanton mee!! ARGHHH!
Okay.. SO much of the whining...

Back to hotel before we headed to Chachutak!!

But first, let mi take a selfie first.. (Hellooo Hubb... wat can I do for you...!! Okok.. I'm ready to go liao la... One more just one more.. Mai disturb plsss)
Gloomy weather = prefect weather to shop at CTC..
Heng that it only drizzling and we manage to shop in a berry cool weather. I bet this is the first time I shop for almost 5 hrs just in CTC...
Bought 5 pairs of shoe from just one shop.. It only costs mi 150 baht per pair wor.. That was like S$6.50 per pair wor...
Must have!! everytime I come CTC.. 
1) Coconut ice cream
2) Grilled Honey Roast Pork
The only pork chop Hubb eat!!!
The legendary pork chop!! Wahahaha...
They are located at Are 22, Soi 4, near most of the food stalls are located.. 
In the end, we bought a full table of food..
I wanna go back to Bangkok now!! Miss it...
Well, good times always pass berry fast.. 
In fact, I missing home so deeply..
Ended our trip with mango sticky rice from the airport.. Surprisingly, it tasted good, just abit way too expensive la... 
Hubb's parents surprised us at the airport with 爱心orange juice.. Thank you in laws.. 
Surprisingly, I didn't buy much for myself.. 
This trip is more like a eating trip for us which explained why I never took any photos of loots of the day.. 
So Hubb, when are we going back to Bangkok..

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