Monday, February 1, 2016

January is over Welcome February!

Yes you heard it right.. January had passed in just a blink..
Well, for January had been a smooth one for me and my family.. My sister in law is still sleeping and all of us is still praying hard for her.. I really miss her, missing gossiping with her about my mom(my stepmom, her mil.. hahaha),roll eyes at my uncle together and discussing their new house and many more..
JingJing, all of us are waiting for you.. Wake up ba..
My brother had go through a hard one (quitting his job and handling his BTO with the Laws) and well, I'm glad he getting over it quite well and stepping into his next step of life..

For mi, nothing special, nothing much la..
 Been really into baking recently,, and had tried out lots of recipes.. Successfully(proudly) bake cupcakes and cornflakes cookies with positive feedback.. Noted down the nicest and closest to my taste buds..
Hubb commented:"Your blog going to be a food/baking blog liao lo..."
Hahhaa.. I where can fight with those experience blogger.. I just wanna note it down so I can references it whenever I wan rather than google it every time I wanna use it ma..

Can't wait for CNY (it's tml lo!! I totally forget to post this... !)though I wun be collecting hongbao liao la (dunno my daddy will give mi anot lei... hahaha) and instead I had to give hongbao liao..
Read alot about the CNY hongbao rate for family and friends and even for wifey.. Hongbao is actually out of your thought and it is just a token from your heart.. But I'm so surprised to see so many ppl tagging their husband even boyfriend to ask for hongbao.. Okay I admit that I also ask for it, not through tagging my Hubb but face to face asking for it.. Not as if I will take la... ( I still wanna my CHANEL light pink actually.. hahaha..)
I dun like it to be so complicated so all my hongbao packed into 3 types..
1 for parents, siblings and grandmas (different amount la..)
1 for cousins
1 for outsider
Sorry friends, I dun give my same era de.. You have yr believe and I have mine.. So dun interrupt.. Hahaha..
Still kinda excited over it.. I actually love family gathering, I love the liveliness.. Most importantly, I only get to start work on day 8 of CNY when many ppl start work on the 3rd day this year... Can 'haolian' abit ma... hahaha.. Another perk working at this company of mine.. This year Hubb and I didn't buy much new year goodies, mainly because I can't eat it plus I'm baking it..
Happy Lunar new Year everyone!!

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