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Sunday, November 20, 2011

1 week had passed again

It's Monday tml again.. Been a busy week, had been helping my company to work as coordinate a student group from several countries.. I had been waking up @ 6am everyday as need to be at the hotel @ 730am.. Though I'm really berry tired but this is a wonderful experience which I dun mind to help up again next time haha.. Oppz Forget to mention.. Of coz I was being paid for this extra work with extra $$$.. I even intro my bendan this job... 
I miss going Flea.. Over there I'm really myself and all the friends I make over there were great.. Forget to mention, I even got myself a new mother, big sister and even got myself my 'Gan Nu Er and Er Zi'... Both of them are still young and innocent and cute.. I love chatting with them, listening to them talking all sort of stuffs which all teenager will talk of.. Kinda miss them, i can onli see them in Dec.. Right now.. I gonna work hard for my exam.. Repeating myself!!! I'm not going to fail again..

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