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Sunday, November 13, 2011

What a Beautiful Sunday!!

Whole night been dreaming of what I study last night.. Could be due to study till too late at night coz i dun think i remember a single stuffs.. Oh gosh.. How to pass like that.. But i really need to pass.. My results had been getting worse and worse.. I know I did not work hard for the pass exams but I really did my best for my audit exam yet I failed it.. Really disappointed!
Early in the morning woke up just wanna get into my book.. But my poor Bendan woke up with a terrible toothache and cannot sleep through the night ( though i heard him snoring).. Gonna check Dental clinic opening hours for him.. The nurse was great and good enough to slot him in but we gonna be there in 15 mins. That was like a waiting game.. If the first patient come out late and the patient is here then oh too bad we gonna make another appointment..
However, my bendan was lucky in enough to slot in.. Did not expect him to pluck out the tooth but I believe the tooth already get decay way down to the root ba.. Poor boy!!! See him in such pain make mi heart pain though I was laughing all the way back (due to his jokes)..
I shall accompany him to starve till he can eat which another 2 hrs time.. Ren!!!!!
Haha still i cannot fight with starving.. Had my brunch without my bendan... sorry! Watching Korean variety show - Family outing.. It really a nice show-so funny that my tears started rolling...
Oh dear.. my poor boy is down with fever..His whole body is berry hot lor.. should be drinking too much blood down the throat.. He's now fast asleep.. plus last night he did not sleep well...
I'm here revising my note again..
Fallen aslp..
Woke up by my xiao gu zhang.. In a sleeping and gong gong mode: Being ask to call mi by my daddy to ask mi whether got go for dinner next week.. haha I replied of course i wan.. Food leh.. haha
Speak to the devil!! I'm super hungry right..
Ate dinner with bendan.. Yummy!! Rush into the bedroom just wanna watch 第17届新加坡金曲奖
@ channel U.. No more posting liao.. Like that goes on.. dun need to study lo...
Will update later again if can...

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