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Saturday, November 26, 2011


Management meeting yesterday...
Everyone in office was so nervous and low moral due to last month 3 ppl being retrench 
It was quite a big impact for all the staffs, one of them had even worked for 30 over years..
First thing my manager came in was to call up my name
I was shocked and almost fainted(juz being kua zhang la)
Ermz... she mentioned my name was being mentioned in the management meeting..
I was like humpz... die liao la...
In the end, it was actually an encouragement...
I was being praised..
After this 4 years with my company, I was being praised..
At least I feel recognize after all my hard work...
This really means alot to me...
Next week, i will be all alone with my work, 
at least I know i should work harder abit stress but i know i can do it
struggle abit more 
after my exam, after next year, everything will be okay..
Today Escape Theme Park will be coming to the end, going into history
Kinda miss those days, all 16-20 years old kiddo hanging all around
playing hard working hard..
Most of us will be gathering together on this special day..
Gonna take more pictures and upload here okok...
Kicking off my book for now and hit straight to Escape Theme Park 

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