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Wednesday, January 16, 2013


Seem like I already stopped blogging in 2012.
Gonna start blogging this year 2013..
Somethings I can look back and keep track of..*v*
Looking back in 2012!
Tons of stuffs happened in 2012!
Happening happy and sad and anger...
Shall fill more in my later blog when I post up the photos if not will be boring ba..
*blink blink*
Oh ya.. I started my new job in new company on 2Jan'13..
Kinda a good fresh start in this year..  Hope i can mingle well.. Small and cosy company..
At least lesser political, lesser gossips..
Enjoying myself too..
I had lost my 'prince' in a LaLa land..
Somehow she had choose to get lost in my life..
What really disappoint me was she actually deleted mi in her FB and intagram when I dun even know what happen..
No quarrels no argument no nothing..
I just hope not the washing machine issue!!
(Rolling my eyes- O_O)
 I only get to realize this when I whatappz her to invite her to my house warming, in the end no reply no nothing, somehow seen somewhere she changed her 'nickname'..
 Fine! Dun bother.. who cares!
Juz wanna wish her all best!
11 May'12
This date, I changed my status from single to married..
I officially married to Kevin Yin.
 Although, we haven't go through the Chinese tradition, in Law, we already husband and wife..
Will upload our wedding photo too...


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