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Monday, September 16, 2013

Friday the 13th ~ Adventure cove

Last friday went to hubby's company event at Adventure cove
Kinda excited as this is our first time going there...
I really enjoy myself 
despite the rain and the sun

♥♥Simply us before Sentosa♥♥

♥♥Starbucks is a must♥♥
♥♥Adventure cove♥♥

♥♥with hubby & his colleagues♥♥

Adventure cove staff everywhere taking photo
making $$$
I wanna buy 1 back de
This is not cheap
1 photo with frame cost S$35.00
♥Before we get wet♥

Oh ya
I was scare out of my life
Some of you may be thinking ' It just a pool of water with fishes'
I had this stupid thinking
I'm in the sea
so I can't really move on
Hubby enjoying himself with his friends and I had to go up as I can't carry on at all
Kinda sad and disappointed on myself
How to go Maldives this way..

I spotted him first but did not managed to snap with him
Instead Hubby's colleagues managed to caught him
so freaking sad

Didn't manage to get a lot photo coz we didn't get the waterproof camera
what more! 
We spotted looked alike Tony Stark from Iron Man in the wave pool. ..
As we do not have camera with us
We didn't get to take photo with him
Plus we do not know whether is tat him
ended our day guessing and thinking if he is or not

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