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Monday, September 9, 2013

♥ Hai Bin prawning (Bishan) ♥

Kinda sad..
Hai Bin Prawning Bishan had cease operation last weekend
after 6 years 
due to a sharp increase in rental
A wow 
300% increase
who can carry on with this increase
Sad to say
Another loss for us staying in the north
As hubby had bought 10hrs or so in Jan'13 from them
we had no choice but to go last weekend
that was lots of crowds
Lucky enough
we manage to choop a place near at the corner
where they 'top up' the prawns
he cannot eat prawns and I dun like eat too..
so we were like 2 dun eat prawns de go prawning... Haha

No more Hai Bin Prawning (Bishan)
for those whose still have left over hrs
still can visit them at their other branches in Jurong and Punggol
kinda far for us
staying in Yishun going to Jurong and Punggol la

Hubby waiting for his first catch
we didn't wait berry long for his first catch
kinda like 15mins
*da dang*
This was the largest catch for the day
One of the staff refilling the pool with prawns
so excited
didn't really catch much tat night...
 Just managed to catch 5
just 5 only
for like 3hrs of prawning
**sob sob**
still I did enjoy myself and will definitely go back to their branch
Sooner or later

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