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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

♥Happy 8th Anniversary♥

It's our 8th years anniversary
Though we are legally husband and wife
we still haven't go though the chinese custom wedding
we are not allow to make baby
As mentioned in my instagram, ♥♥thanks dear for being there whenever I need u.. thank for tolerate my nonsense my temper my everything. . I wun promise tat I will change coz nonsense and temper is my everything but I will definitely be yr good wife and love you truely madly deeply♥♥
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♥♥My love♥♥


 Taken this morning before leaving home for work
We went to work today***on our special day
Not that we dun wanna celebrate
Just dun wanna waste our annual leave as we will need it next year for honeymoon

 Pedicure session @ Pinc Yishun
Pinc = pure indulgence nail care
SGD38 for pedi consider quite expensive lo
Other places can go as low as SGD25 or even 20 depending on places/areas
 I love going back to Pinc for pedicure and waxing

 Look like they have plenty of colours right..
Flankly speaking
mostly has the word 'N/A'
This is Evonne
I always request for her to do for mi.. 
not like some others
She dun anyhow do even when she's in a rush

Of course
Dinner with hubby for our 8th years anniversary
Xin Wang Hong Kong cafe for dinner
Though the foods taste okay only
Simple dinner with great companion means alots 

Hubby's chicken chop baked rice
Rice over cooked
Cheese too thick
Chicken tastes better
I think kim gary taste much better

Mine ~ pork cutlet ramen
Noodles cook too long and taste only sesame oil
Pork cutlet taste better but abit too fatty

Just ate a bite and realised
There's prawn!!!
hubby cannot eat prawn at all
I had asked abt the ingredients and was told by the manager that it's only pork and chives 
Lucky hub had the habit to wait for mi to have the first bite if not

Side dish ~ curry mayo dip with French fries
Taste as normal as ABC 
Somehow I miss Mac french fries liao
Anyway we still end our night early 
hub already in his La La land

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