Tuesday, February 24, 2015

First working day on Meh meh year!

Oh yeah..
When almost everyone started working yesterday (23 Feb'15) ..
I started work today..!
This is one of the perks with my company, 早收工, 晚开工!
Hahaha! Envy ya!
No ootd photos due Hubb was in his sleeping mode and didn't catch any good shot!! Angry mi!
Actually dun need to envy mi la.. Same like everyone, I had the worse day!
Time passed so doper slow!
Kept yawning..
Can't start doing my work! 0% work done!!
Mi with my colleagues..
Actually I totally dunno why do we use a pineapple here, not as if we moving office..
My colleagues love it can liao... 
But hor.. I realised there's no single red over here..!
When we got too tired, sleepy and shag.. take photo with our 开工红包! 
Kinda of look abit way too shag over here! 
Just can't wait to end work coz I'm catching Fifty shades of grey with Hubb at Vivocity..!
Despite tons of bad reviews, Hubb insisted to watch it since we been looking forward for this show, and as a GV member, we have 50% of tickets price so Why not right! 
Frankly speaking, not a bad show! Still worth my $$ to watch, will definitely catch part 2..
Make mi wanna buy the book to read it too...! Too extreme I noe!
Oh ya! Christian Grey is so handsome!

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