Monday, February 16, 2015

Last working day of 马年!

Last working day of the Horse year..
#OOTD of My not blue Monday!
Been a smooth good year although almost 失业 due to some unhappiness childish issue, but since I decided to stay on, I will work harder to ignore those unhappiness and childish matters...
Gonna welcome Meh meh year with a big heart..
Anyway... #Throwback photo with Hubb yesterday after both of us snap off our hairs...

Can't wait for Thursday to arrive...!
It's our Lunar New Year..
It's oso time for mi to wear all my new clothes(shhh....! I have more than 15 pcs for 15 days of CNY)
Most importantly....! I can use my new PRADA wallet and bag liao...
Just wanna stress on my PRADA wallet and bag!!

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