Monday, February 2, 2015

Lovely Monday

Oh yeah... Fall sick already..! 
Been struggling through my weekend and even throw my tantrums at my ke lian de Hubb.. 
Finally today, yes today... On MC lo... 
Haiz... Dunno why but feeling really really weak this few days...
Best part~~~ ^o^~~~ just when I thought I'm feeling better, my eye (the white part) suddenly turned jelly, 'THICK JELLY' ... Super swollen lor!! 

Oh man... Seriously! 
Must get well soon for CNY!!! Jiayou!


My Monday just going to end just like that.. What a waste!! Thought I could use this MC to at least do up my hse(even for just a little bit!!) but I kinda slept till 5plus... At least I watched 1 episode of 终艺玩很大 and #laughdieme !! 
Now going to head to the kitchen to wipe up a good dinner for my Hubb... Must train liao...! 

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