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Taiwan ~ Day 9 & 10 ~ Taipei

Oh yeah... 
Finally done with my Taiwan post... Will work harder on my Europe blog...

Taiwan ~ Day 9
First time I misses my home so much while travelling...

Today kinda special..
Going to have our breakie at Starbucks Taipei 101.. 
A berry special experience...
Especially when you didn't want to spend TWD400 just to go all the up to Taipei101 but you still wanna see the whole view!

Started our morning real early despite a long day yesterday...
Second last day le... CHONG AR!

Totally release himself after all the long stressful day...
This Hubb tricked every single us by clapping 2x and the guy in the picture actually open his eye... 
We actually believe it...
Well, it's actually timed...
Anyway... we had a shocked and good laugh after that.. Well... it helps loosing some nerves...
Reached! Taipei 101
Now we have to find the correct entrance to get it..
WE have to find it ourselves as only the people work in this building knows where the Starbucks located... There isn't any sign to show where is it, nor it named on the directory, so it simply show how important to GOOGLE it before you traveled... Yes.. this is how we got to noe this place too...
The wind was so huge today... that I can't even took any photos with the LOVE.. hahaha
yeah! Found...

Yes... You have to get your visitor pass from this visitor access kiosk..
**Some visitors may required to make a reservation one day in advance, so you may wanna call up first before making yr trip down or you can get the hotel staff to make a call for you too.. For us, it kinda lucky that we dun have to... **
Kinda tricky as It's all in Chinese... 

You are requires to key in 35F and select Starbucks. From here, it will put you through the line where someone from Starbucks will answer. You will need to tell them the number of people with you. Then, they will issue the access pass for the number of people together.. 1 pass 1 entry.. Seem easy but not easy.. as the line will suddenly disconnected or too busy no-one pick up but DUN give it up... Just keep dialing and dailing..
(hahaha... yes this is what Hubb did... Our first call actually goes through but as it all in chinese, Hubb clicked on the wrong instruction so we had to re-dail again... not so easy on our second try... SOB...! )
Like Finally... *_*
Up we go to Level 35
Just have to look out the Starbucks sign outside!

This is the view from Starbucks level 35..
To mi.. this is enough!
(Psst: Indeed, I went up to Taipei 101 before and to mi, both are equally nice so y not save $$ on the entry fee for a cup of Starbucks coffee and a cake)
Please note that every guest is required to buy at least a drink and stay no longer than 90 mins of meal time..

While waiting for our coffee and bread to be ready!
Greedy both of us!
Tourist shot...! I dun care..
After breakfast, Hubb and I went separate way..
Hubb brought his father, brother and gf to buy pineapple tarts from Sunnyhills


While I brought my MIL and Xiaogugu to OrangeBear TW, where they sell plus size clothings..
I always lost myself there with so many choices!
but seem like only I enjoy myself..
Just myself, I bought 5pcs of dresses and a jean for less than NT1800 which is like S$75++
You still can try, why not right..
Spend like 2hrs there (totally not enough at all!!!!!!) and got to leave for Mr J as Hubb all are waiting there for us (okay... waiting for mi...)

MrJ 義法廚房北醫店
Address: 250 Wu Street, Taipei (Taipei Medical School within)
TEL: 886-2-2377-9090

Interior of the restaurant!
Feel like getting into the movie with Jay.. OMG...! 
Foodies Time..
Honestly, the food dun taste fantastic and the price is kinda steep..
but seriously...
It really worth the trip down there, not just for the food but definitely a YES for the ambience 
Jay's fan should definitely make a trip there...
There's plenty his merchandises, from his albums to movies to phone casing.. 
Almost got tempted to buy this cutie back but T_T
NOT FOR SALE cox bearie can't anyhow run...!
My family.My love..
Ask hubb to turn the other way pretend to play the piano but think he too scare that he will have to travel to the past and left mi alone...  =.=
Actually we are not suppose to sit and play the piano la...

Next stop: XiMengDing
It had became a MUST come here every time I'm here in Taiwan...
Highly recommend!
1) 港記正宗鳳梨酥 - NT550
2) 3Q總統餅(綠茶口味) - NT580
3) 太陽餅(原味) - NT380
4) 太陽餅(牛奶) - NT380
5) 紐約芝士條 - NT550

YEs... I always bought all the above, no matter wat..
anyway they provide delivery to your hotel with certain amount spend and hey even packed the stuffs in a carton box for easy check - in and carry..

There's sampling too...
You can always try before buying it...
I can tell you... ONCE TRY, YOU CAN'T STOP!!!
Back at hotel...
Photo time...
This is the amount I bought for just ONE day..
Falling love with Taiwan so so so much!

Below is my Xiao Gu shopping loots for (wahahaha) these 10 days..
As compared to mine.... this is way too little...

Overall, this trip had been a wonderful and memorable trip.. Though there's some hiccups here and there, but at least I'm glad all of us did enjoy ourselves..

I dunno know when I will be back in Taiwan again.. Cause there's still many countries I wanna go..
 I hope I wun take too long to be back here..
Oh Maybe...

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