Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Taiwan ~ Day 8 ~ Taipei

Psst... Hubb just rushed mi to post finish my Taiwan post...! 
I gonna edit my Europe post liao and it's really tougher den Taiwan post...

Taiwan ~ Day 8
Super long day ahead...
Especially after last night drama....!
Will be going JiuFen 九份, ShiFen 十分, PingSi 平溪 and Keelung 基隆...

Started our day with McDonalds 麥噹噹 breakfast... ❤❤❤
I'm loving it.. (just if they have chili sauce will be even better)

My sugar hubbb ❤❤❤
Love him every bits!

This shows how tired and shag everyone is~~~

Have told Hubb that his parents are not young anymore compared to 6 years ago when we first came to Taiwan.. Not to say his brother kept falling sick during the trip... Hubb cannot just plan to conquer every bits of Taiwan when there's carrying of luggages and walking around...

Finally all KO~ing!
No more next time liao... Okay..! Just stick to Taipei will do if we coming back..! Bo you also will be super doper tired...

Start our journey with ShiFen 十分 and PingSi 平溪...
Train schedule can be find here !!

It really easy to get there..
BY Train: From Taipei Main Station, take northbound train towards Ruifang station (all except Keelung-bound trains). Transfer to PingXi Line 平溪線.
One day ticket costs NT$52 unlimited ride

my new love NT$99!

As we missed the train and had to wait for the next one which was a long long wait...
and we get to noe tat becoz Hualien train track was effected by falling debris due the earthquakes..
Hope everyone is fine!

Nice train master... He actually smile at my camera! heeheehee

Beautiful scenery that brighten up my day!

Tourist shoot!

I need foodies!
Taiwan sausages
Dun be turn off by the long long queue.. as they prepare really fast la...
just join in the queue for yummy sausages.. 

Not sure what day but it really packed!

Tourist spot!

When everyone busy with the lantern 天灯 and flying their lantern 放天灯

Us ~ buying food
Must try this... Peanut vanilla ice cream popiah
Tell u~~~ It really yummy! WE actually went back for second one!
Thumb up..
They actually trusted ppl paying and changing themselves... especially for tourists too...
How great..!
Wanna say "look for this guy when u all wanna try it" den I realised I never took any of his face..
so sorry!
anyway I dun remember there's a lot ppl selling this ice cream along the 老街...
BIL and his gf with the yummlicous popiah ice cream
Back to 天灯
both my in-laws busy writing their 天灯 of course with all the numbers..!

As mi n Hubb already done this before so no feel to fly a more
Mi posing with their wishes to their close friends..


Hubb and I posing 十分 ...
This is wat we do when we are too free...!
**Wishes in the air**
Our turn to get our dream comes true...
Ended our journey at 十分 lo...
Moving on to 九份...
Pretty easy to get there tooo...
By train: Take train to north to Ruifang station. After exiting the station, cross the street to the bus stop next to Wellcome supermarket and board the Keelung Transit bus towards 九份..

But as all of were so tired, we choose to take cabby up la... Still, take train from 十分 back to Ruifang station den take cabby...

Be sure to tell them which part of 九份 you wanna alight... if not they will sure drop u at half of the journey and you gonna climb tat super long long steep stairs up...!

Look out for this wonderful nice shop...!
Especially this shop uncle..
he was so friendly and nice, demonstrating all this musical instruments(sorry I dunno wat this actually ... whoopz!)...
Not like the other shop ahead.. Not friendly and just stood there and it super overprice...

Nothing much to do also la as I already came here 3times liao...
Next up: Keelung 基隆
Simply took a bus from the bus stop that you can see this temple.. Dun forget to ask the bus driver if tat bus goes to Keelung 基隆 before boarding la...

Foodies overloaded!!
I love Keelung 基隆...!

Took a cabby back to hotel...wash up... rest awhile...
Let's Go!!!
Went to the 24hrs Eslite bookstore 誠品敦南店 at past 12mn
How to get there: OF course... Cabby...!
Supposed to go Party world de... but seem like only Hubb and mi interested so change to bookstore where the old folks love it...
Finally end our day and night well...!

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