Thursday, January 1, 2015

❤❤2015 Resolutions❤❤

Back dated this post... Wahahaha...

Oh Come' on! Resolutions please... How many of you really try your best to make it happen? 
Let mi list down my 2014 resolutions.. (Link to my full post Here! )

Resolutions for 2014!!!???
Resolutions shouldn't be make just end of the year or last day of the year
it should be everyday!
however I do have my resolutions made for 2014

1.  I believe this is kinda common ba... However to mi, I really need a good better complexion for this year Coz my wedding is coming on (Dec 2014) though my skin complexion is not too bad la (*0*")
*SHY* But gonna thick-skin abit... Sincerely wanna thank #Kinohimitsusg for sponsoring mi with 1 year supply of Collagen Diamond 5300 drink, allowing mi to have a smooth and bouncy complexions especially for my wedding... Thank you...!  

2. Hair Volume PLSSSS - i had berry fine hair which I dun really like it! If you guys have any suggestion feel free to comment below.. Plsss and thankssss
Sadly~~~ seem like my hair didn't get more and better.. So, gonna work harder in 2015.. Jiayou!

3. Shed some weight! OH dear...! this is kinda first time in my resolutions.. WOW...! but for the sake of my big day... I had to... but how can i resist the food!!!!
I lost almost 10kg since last year but SADLY, I gained 3kg back right before my wedding!!!!!! But this is due to my health condition past few months and I'm on medication and I hope I will get better soon...

4. Exercise! Kill mi with this... still i really need to get started
Hmm... Did made some efforts on night walking and U-shaping... But super lazy bum bum mi, give up every each day I did it... Not persistent at all... ! Still will work harder on this...!

5. SAVE $$$ coz after wedding, baby next
Rightfully, YES... Hubb and I save up abit and lucky our wedding banquet didn't lost as much as we expected... Thanks family members for the BIG BIG hongbao...

6. Travel to more different countries~ I love travelling! What is life without travelling
Due to wedding banquet, this year indeed Hubb and I fly berry little but *coughing cough cough* I'm in Europe for 14 days yay!!! Honeymoon rocks!

7. Get real start up on Surprising my Love SML
Still working hard on this but our candy bar is getting on hand! 

8. Be more loving wife 
I believe I'm always is..... *sticking out tongue*

Okay so it's time for 2015
1) Baby
Really gonna work hard to get my health back on track so I can '为任家添宝宝'

2) Candy Bar by Surprising My Love - Have more sales

3) Weight
This is so difficult but I will work hard to achieve it...

4) Travelling 
Next in list... Korea ~~~ Please wait for mi...! 

5) Happy Marriage

Actually I have everything and I'm indeed one of the happiest woman in the world... But tell mi, who isn't greedy.. 
Same here... I want more.. More from hubb, more from family just more from everything.. 

Anyway resolutions is just a guideline or just a post but at least it allow mi to keep track every single things...

Happy New Year!

*Psst! It's so cold over here at Evian~~~~~~~~~~~~*

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