Tuesday, January 20, 2015

'Bo Jio'

Just some Ranting!!

'Bo Jio'
I'm like WTF... 
Why do ppl love to use this phase?
This is freaking annoying...
I understand this phase is super nice to use but it always land us in a super awkward moment!
This either telling ppl 2 things:-

First - I have super lots of friends tat every single place I go, ppl wanna follow! 

Second - You have no friends and dates at all.. Tat y u always have to 'Bo Jio' ppl post.. 

Okay I know this is really no big deal.. Just wanna rant abit la...
Cause this juz happened to mi last weekend when hubb and mi had a impromptu trip to JB..
Juz JB wor!
I got 2 'bo jio' sia... 

First one: Took this pic in instagram stating on the way to JB..

What do you expect your friend to respond on it?

Definitely ~~~ "T_T Bo jio"

So, what do you expect mi to respond to this?

My respond: hahaha! Berry impromptu de lei.. Next time la.. Next time go together lo..! 
If only.. Bo jio is as cute as this!!
Second one: Totally turned mi off.. 

W reminding M to keep luggage space for that item, must help W to find that item...

SO, kaypoh mi : ' wat item'..
W: Secret
Mi: So bad lei, bo tell mi, buay steady lei..
W: U at JB oso never jio..

This part ~ I'm like WTH.. I remembered telling her I'm maybe Sunday going JB so cannot meet them for lunch...
MI: I got tell u I maybe going jb wor..
W: Got tell but bo jio 
Mi: Need purposely jio de meh?
W: No la.. I going town..

Juz want to say bo jio only... Not as if i nv tell her lor...
Spoilt my mood!! 

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