Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Wild Honey -> Penang trip

23 Jan 2015

Yeah.. It's Friday... 
Suppose to be lonely Friday, when I had to go for my blood test alone, go airport alone..
Oh ya... I going for a 4D3N Penang trip with my company...!

But lovely Hubb, surprised mi in the morning by wearing short to work.. Blurry mi made Hubb left with no choice but to bluff mi that he can wear short to work.. 

Still appreciate his thought..! 
Indeed he had make mi the most fortunate girl (I dun care I'm still consider girl hoohoo..) in the world... 

Didn't had anything food n drink for like 12 hrs!! Omg... Almost fainted...
Super wrong, super wrong.. 
Yes it's supposed to be fasting blood test but still can drink water.. Hahaha... Always ask the nurse or doctor if u can drink anot ya... Dun be like mi.. 

Anyway.. Hahaha..! 
With Hubb ard, of coz some atas breakfast at Wild Honey.. One of my favorite brunch cafe.. But somehow.. the standards had dropped.. Kinda disappointed.. 
Oh ya... Their service standards had really getting from good to even better..
Thumb up..!

English Breakfast - S$28.00
The spread is really huge.. I never once finished the whole plate by myself... @ _ @
Boulevard St Michael - S$24.00
First time ordering
The french toast with double baked cheese and the poached egg is really heavenly..

Rushed home after breakfast as I need to catch a 3pm flight..

Thanks Hubb for taking off to send mi to airport..
Super shy to max...!

Hubb just make mi the world most envy girl..
What else can I ask for??

Took this at the airport..

Hubb finds all way to catch mi after I had past the customs, even when we already went in, buying alcohol and perfumes..
I bet my girlies really envy mi...

Yes, he dun have to but he did...
He did it not because I asked him to do it or told him he has to.. he did it because he simply just love mi too much and miss so much!

Thanks Hubb...

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