Saturday, August 15, 2015

29th Birthday at Phuket ~ U Zenmaya Phuket resort

Finally took time to write about my recent birthday trip to Phuket..
Too many photos to share, so I had decided to upload 2 posts for my phuket trip..

It's my first time travelling to Phuket and was really excited..
We were supposed to go with a group, 3 couples to celebrate my birthday but due to one of them is super paranoid of the rumors of tsunami is coming, and the other one is her sister, they pay additonal $800 more per couple just to change their flight to Taiwan..
Sorry I'm not prepare to waste the $$ as to me, if my life is up no matter where I go, my time is up too..
SO ya.. hooha..
I never regret my decision of insisting on going!!
You will know why soon...
Booked SQ via silkair during the promotion price, price for 2 is about S$566/-
Abit expensive for flight to Thailand la but definitely worth the penny..
Still gonna thank my brother who help mi change our seats to the front seat(long leg seat wor) and also especially requested birthday cakes for us...
Hubb spamming my phone when he tot I was sleeping...

❤❤Hello Phuket❤❤
The feeling is so weird as it's been a long long time ever since we touched down in a totally unfamiliar country all by ourselves..
But I love this feeling...
Booked our airport transfer and even our island hopping with Excursion Phuket..
Was abit disappointed when a taxi came to fetch us as we saw many were welcome with private car..
But what to expect when we only paid 700 baht per way, which we think it berry reasonable..(hotel quoted us 1300 baht per way)
Hubb was supposed to give mi a surprise by bringing mi to put firework but had failed, not once but twice.. hahaha.. First time by the hotel staff who cc-ed mi in his reply.. I didn't told Hubb about this.. Second time by the driver.. Laugh die mi when Hubb stun by the driver.. Anyway, we didn't put any firework as the driver couldn't buy any.. He even went out to find for us after dropping us.. Oh ya.. even the boss, Haowei went the extra mile just to look for it..

U Zenmaya Phuket
Totally in a Paradise 
Apart on my travel partner, my Hubb, this resort played a huge part in making our first trip to Phuket a super memorable one..

Things I love about U Zenmaya Hotel Phuket

1) I love the hotel 24hr use of room policy, meaning they dun restrict the check in/out time for the guests..
Meaning if we check in the hotel at 3pm, on our day of check out time will be 3pm
Not like most hotel, we check in at 5pm, we still have to check out by 12noon on our check out day..
Because of this reason, the junior suite with pool access wasn't ready when we reach the hotel, so we were offered to stay in their top suite room since the junior suite is the next level already.. They can't simply downgraded us right...
We were already being informed of this arrangement, top suite lei, why not!!

Short clip of the top suite seaview room...

2) Different type of pillows for us to choose; from the soft to the firm.. Frankly speaking, I dun mind any different with all of the below.. 
I had choose the most first pillow but seem like it as soft as my Hubb soft pillow...
Still, it's a great gesture after all!
3) You get to choose the type of soap that you like..
 I remember there have jasmine, lemongrass, bamboo and something.. 

4) Room types..
Top suite seaview room
Kinda pity we only get to enjoy this room for like 4-5hours as we are heading to Patong beach and our junior suite will be ready by the time we check in..
At least we got to enjoy a different kind of room for this stay..
I getting to love this resort even more already..

I love this princess bed alot..
Was abit sad at the beginning as I thought only this room have this.. hahha

Silly little things we always do together!

Outdoor jacuzzi with seaview!!!

Please tell mi how not to melt..!
Beautiful isn't it!!

Junior suite seaview room with pool access

Kinda pity that we were too tired to do a video for this room..

Thank you U Zenmaya for the champagne,cake and the roses... ❤❤❤

5) Breakfast
I love this hotel with their unique policy! 24hrs check in policy and of course the breakfast anytime anywhere policy..
Simply love it so much!
You wun understand it till you stay in this hotel and having breakfast just outside your room,beside the pool and facing the sea!

First day breakfast at the cafe
I swear I didn't filter this photos!

Second day ~ we had our breakfast outside our room

This is my stunning morning view...!

 6)Lastly of course is stunning view of Andaman Sea
The view from Top suite seaview room

View from junior suite seaview room with pool access

Highly recommend this resort..
Hubb and myself still missing this resort, missing the every morning seaview and of course the pool...

More stunning photos will be up in my next post..
Phi Phi Island, Khai Island, Patong beach~~~~~

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