Saturday, August 1, 2015

Europe HoneyMoon Day 6 ~ Pisa

29th December 2014

Morning view... Did you see the snow mountain...
I wish to wake up to this view everyday...
We taking this cute road train to see the Leaning tower of Pisa, or simply call Tower of Pisa
Worldwide known for its unintended tilt to one side
Beautiful view on our way to Pisa
Tons and tons of photos, too bad cannot simply upload everything..
Leaning tower of Pisa
Trying my best to capture the best shot of the leaning tower
Tourists shot
We kept telling ourselves not to take de... But seeing all ppl doing it, why not ya...
In the end, we kept laughing at ourselves..


This is mi!
That it for leaning tower!

Ending our day at Pisa and moving on Evian

Messy greedy girl..
This is my 3rd pizza of this trip already.. Think I can only take pizza other den other things..
Just dun like the seasoning ba..

Beautiful scenery on our way to Evian

Snow mountain
Falling in love with the view once..
I always wanna see wanna touch the snow.. It had been always my dream.. (okay one of my dream la.. I have many many dreams but I have my Hubb always by my side, support mi stay by mi fulfilling my dream... Thank you!)

When can I see the snow falling from the sky! Pretty please!

Suddenly started snowing when our bus was stopped by a police car for a random check but our bus had to follow the police car to the police station as they had to check whether the bus driver had over drive.. Over here, every driver had to rest every few hours, start driving and top driving at certain timing...
It's snowing, snowing... Do you wanna build a snowman?...

Finally we reached Evian.. Finally a nice good hotel.. so far~~ Hilton hotel lei.. How bad can it be...

My berry first white xmas tree!
Feeling so excited and dreamy when I saw this in front of the hotel...
 Since it was snowing, hubb forbid mi to take out my pinkie as he worry the the camera may caught the snow and the snow may melt... :( 
and I'm using Ai phone so dun really wish to make it wet ( but somehow when I fell and didn't manage to catch it from falling... :( sorry! )

Went for night walk to get the Evian water right from the tap..
Blur hubb totally forget to bring the empty bottle out..
Feeling so emo when all others refilling their bottle and mi standing there, no water still cannot take picture... Sad!!!!!
Managed to snatch some photos from some of my tour friends... thank you for the wonderful photos...
Spot mi..!

Hubb and I wanna have a romantic walk instead of going in to the Casino.. Whoopz!
Went to the hotel fine dining restaurant..
My berry first fine-dining but a berry good experience..
Not tat the food no good not fantastic just that it's not up to my liking even not to Hubb.. hahaha..
Hubb actually dun allow mi to take out my phone and camera as here is a fine dining restaurant, that's why he dun even wanna take selfie with mmi... Hurhur!
Anyway, I dun care la.. how can I never take photo of the foods especially at a fine dining restaurant.. 

Overall experience
Okay no more exotic trying ya..

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