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Bangkok Trip with Family ~ Day 3 & 4

Day 3 #ootd

Yes you can see from my ootd 
The weather is super doper hot even though last night was raining cats and dogs..
Itinerary of today

Chatchuchak market
Union Mall
Chocolate Ville

Started our Chatchuchak tour with the famous coconut ice cream!
My family first time here, I think they gonna 'hate it'... (and yes.. they dun like here.. so I concluded only young peeps like mi, will love here!!)


I just realised I never took much photos over at Chachuchak, I bet it could be due to the super hot weather ba..
And well...
We 'finished' the Chachuchak in just 3-4 hrs..
My mum and aunt bought those porcelain fish shaped plates, they can spend hrs looking for the only one..
Hubb bought 2 (OMG! yes.. 2 bagsssssssssssssss!), My brother n Dad bought 1 bag each (those sling bag kind..)..
Myself lei..

My shopping loots ar...
4 sling bags - Hey! not all for myself la.. 2 just 2 for myself.. Whoopz!
2 dressses
Few essential oils and hot massage tool..
Just like tat only.. Berry good hor! Control well ba..

Move on to Union Mall
Actually never thought of going there for this trip as during the last trip, I didn't buy anything stuffs here... But since my family members kept saying about the hot weather la, my daddy kept saying if got aircon la.. hahhaa.. so here we are!

This time round! I kinda like it.. hahaha

Lunch at Bar.B.Q Plaza ( I been wanna come here to eat de...)
Supposed to eat the Thai bowl noodle which my Hubb been wanna eat.. Sorry Hubb! Thank you for giving in to mi..
Oh ya.. and my family.. for going with mi when all been saying they are so full la, dun order too much la.. hahaha.. Thank for going with mi ya...

I bet they never regret going with mi..
The meat is real good, though the service kinda disappointing but cannot blame them la.. I believe they were shocked to see such a big eater group ba..

Mookata also known as bbq steamboat
scolded myself so many times for not taking photos.. :(
no photos of any other den the above photos..
I shall list down the MUST TRY food ya.
Seafood chili - yes u need to order it ya
Garlic Fried rice (small tiny only, just order ba)
Slice pork - It's a must to order ya for Mookata.. (I read the beef is fantastic too... I dun eat beef so NO Comment.. hahaha)
Next up!
Ice Manias
Ice cream freshly made on the spot!

 Been stop eating sweet stuffs since 6 months ago already but this ice cream is super yummy and 'cool'..
Can see my greedy face!

Chocolate Ville ~ beautiful place for couples and even family to take photos..
Definitely a place for instagram!
I wish I could change into something more beautiful to go with this beautiful place..!
I feel so smelly and messy especially my hair after CTC...
Always remember to make reservation first before going, you never know if they will be running full house on that day. Play safe ba, since you already spend $$ to go there already..
Of course, entry is free but as I say, since you already go all the way there, why not settle your dinner here.. The food is also another highlight too..

Sorry but I gonna upload tons of photos and I can't bear to combine all of it...
Address in Thai..
ร้าน ชอคโกแลต วิว ตั้งอยู่ถนน เกษตร-นวมินทร์ กิโลเมตรที่ 11 ซอย ประเสริฐมนูญกิจ 45 เลยซอยมา 20 เมตร ร้านอยู่ ซ้ายมือ ติดถนนใหญ่ หรือโทรสอบถามที่เบอร์ 081-9212016

Totally NO edit No filter!
Totally feel like I'm in Europe..
Damnit! I missing Europe already...!
We were given outdoor seat but as the sun is still shining even though it was already almost 6 so we change our seat to indoor..
It was supposed to be aircon room la but we dun really feel cooling instead after 7 plus outside is much more cooling out there..
So if you guys are going, try to book dinner at 7pm.. Prefect timing!
 The Menu

**Must order**
My family love this alot..

Food of the night!
If you can order as much as we can, please follow and order all.. You wun regret it at all..

Not feeling berry well so didn't really eat any of the food we order though my family keep saying how good it it.. Oh ya.. just in case you all dunno, I dun take Pork knuckle at all though I'm a pork eater but definitely dun take pork knuckle and pork ribs.. Wasted ya..
I love this spicy chicken vermicelli (sorry if i got the name wrong).. I, myself ate the whole plate all by myself.. Sorry, rephrase myself.. I ordered another plate all by myself.. hahahaha..

Did I mentioned order everything I show here???
Sorry dun follow all... AT least not for this garlic bread.. I can do better den this..(Hubb said it!)
Ever since Europe, I can forget the food I first had over there.. Creme Bur-lee, escargot!

I was actually having headache due to the hot weather and I dun look good at all..
Messy hair, sticky body, sickly mi!
But I just can't stop taking photos.. cause I dunno when I will be back here.. Definitely not in this 1 or 2 years, definitely with another big group again ba..

Do I even look like I'm in Bangkok?
Oh man..

Cannot 'lang fei' such a beautiful photo!!!

My brother 'failed' take!!

Nice shoot Brother..

Selfie shot

Stoopee Hubb..
Took so many cheeky photos with mi at the background!

If you wonder if it is difficult to grab a taxi to go back to the city, fear not, as they had already fix a guideline charges, from Chocolate Ville to many places.. Prices stated clearly.. No less but if u wanna give more, they wun mind of coz!

And so we took the taxi back to our hotel, from Chocolate Ville to Pratunam is 350baht.. Price is okay ba since it cost us from Union mall to Chocolate is about 250baht..

See you again

It was definitely another great experiences to be here with Chocolate Ville... Simply love the concept, European style with fusion food variety.. Skip half a day of shopping , Spend your evening here with your loves one, family and friends why not!

Since it's our last night, given my family free and easy time.. hahaha.. Of course mi and Hubb went for massage as I really need one.. If anyone of you are wondering, yes, non of my family wanna have one.. so ya..

How can one not having mango sticky rice when in Bangkok!!
Spot this auntie, just outside 7-11 near the night market around the hotel.. She speaks abit of dialect which I manage to communicate with her abit, just a little bit.. She even explained the 4 kinds of sticky rice while preparing for us.. This is the first time i ate mango sticky rice with color.. Taste all the same just different use for each which (sorry) I forget about it already...
Well! This is really good..!
How can a mango sticky rice goes wrong man!!

Our Supper!
More like Hubb's supper hahaha!

Our loots of the day 3

Love this couple tees alot.. Recently love to wear couple couple tee... Sweet isn't it...
I dun care what people say cause I LIKE IT!
Bought it at one of shop at union mall!

Finally ate this highly recommended by my colleague~the pink tee chicken rice also known as Kaiton Pratunam..
Petchburi Soi 30
photo credited to
Hubb dun wan to eat hotel breakfast, plus he didn't get to eat his sugar butter bread so he went all the way to Pratunam morning market, near the Budacco hotel which we stay previously...  And so he leave mi alone in the hotel room as I really dun feel like going out there as I already wash up..

Hubb came back with this yummlicous chicken rice and gonna thank him to went over to get it for mi as I kept saying I wanna eat it yet not able to... Love my Hubb deep deep!

Coincidentally, met my malaysia colleague!
We staying at same hotel, same tower, same day check out, same flight timing too (she flying to Malaysia and Mi flying to Singapore)... How qiao can it be lor!!!
One of the closer colleague I had in Malaysia

It's father day on the day we coming back home..
Happy father's day, Daddy!
Hope you enjoy this birthday cum Father's day holiday..
Thank for bring mi and my brothers well.. WE love you..

On board Cathay...!
Somehow, we love taking Cathay..
Hope they can come out more promotion flight for mi to fly....

Touch down SG and saw Hello kitty Eva Air plane..
I so wanna fly this to Taiwan..

Turned to Hubb and smile...: Shall we, please...?
Hubb totally ignore mi....

Why did you ignore me!!!!

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