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Bangkok Trip with Family ~ Day 1 & 2

Yes.. You heard mi right, I just back from Bangkok.. (you can read my May'15 Bangkok blog here! ) Apparently, I never get sick coming to Bangkok, in fact I dun mind coming back every few months.. 
Hubb, Can I please...? hahahaha 
(okay.. I know... he gonna roll his eyes from front to back like dunno how many times..)
But yeah! I flying to Phuket at the end of the July'15 lei... Birthday Trip yeah!

This time came along with my family..
We ate super lots of foodies and went to a few new restaurant/cafe this time round...

Special thanks to my Hubb to make this trip happened and ended wonderfully..
Appreciate it alot..
First time taking Cathay Pacific airline and I simply love it (except for WE had to order online for a birthday cake and PAY for it.. I remember cake on Singapore Airline is free.. Oh.. forget to mention, it's my DADDY's birthday.. This trip is more like a birthday cum father's day trip... And I know he enjoyed himself alot...)

One thing I like abt Cathay Pacific plane is because their 2 by 4 by 2 seats especially I love travelling with just Hubb and myself..
I can have the window seat and can have the aisle seat..

Kinda pity that flight to Bangkok is only 1.5 hrs away so we gonna alight even before we sit hot the seat..
somehow, I can't wait for July ~ our birthday trip to Phuket and we are taking Singapore Airline.. Woohoo...
OMG.. Who's this..?

This gonna be my next profile picture .. 

Act cool, Act dao! My problem ya... hahaha

High high into the sky!


My travel companion beside my hubb..
I dun like the food..
But maybe because my mind is already in Bangkok..
Hubb complained that there's no movie for him to watch!
Touched down lo...
Prefect landing!
Not sure if this uploaded successfully anot, if not will have to delete it... :(
Normally if mi n hubb we will just take the MRT or the airport rail link ( but I heard the airport rail link is closed till I dunno when... Maybe you wanna goggle abit before you planned taking it.)
Since we came in a big group, we decided to book airport transfer for my family..
Booked with Taxi Good Service, 1200 baht per way seem expensive but I think it worth the penny.. Though they dun have a good system to welcome their guests (the driver just passed the paper with my Hubb name to my Hubb, snap a photos and went off to drive the van to fetch us... leaving all of us looking for him, looking out for all the vans that drove past us...) but the both drivers (to and fro) were polite and helpful and funny plus the vans are quite new.. 
Overall experience still not bad.. Will definitely book them again if I were to come here again with big group... :)

Our hotel for 3 nights
Located diagonally across Platinum Fashion Mall hence plenty Singaporean book this hotel..
Map around Pratunam
Lift Lobby..
Spot my Hubb hahahhaa..

Hotel have 2 towers, main tower which newly renovated and north tower..
With a different of S$10.00 - S$15.00, Hubb and I decided to book Main tower as we heard for North tower, we had to take the lift to Floor 11 den change to another lift which we think all day walking already killing us, not wanna torture our feet... Of course, Main tower offer a better room and view compare to North tower..
Our room for 3 nights ❤❤❤ I like...

Even my daddy love it especially for the King-sized bed..
I love the open concept cause I dun like to bathe alone in the bathroom and normally Hubb gonna stay with mi in the bathroom while I bathe.. For this hotel, he can just lie on the bed watching TV while I bathe... We can even soak our tired feet in the bathtub sitting on the 'so-called' door ledge..
Our first meal in Bangkok ~ MK steamboat restaurant at Central World

Our main purpose was not for the steamboat but for the roasted delighted..
So we just ordered simple veg set and some pork shabu shabu
We ordered 4 large plate of THIS..!

This is goddesses...
Came out with a super full tummy but saw this Croissant Taiyaki just across MK restaurant, how can  I missed it...
Ate this super delicious deli at Esplanade Bangkok during my last trip here, till date I still cannot forget the taste.. so even how full we are, I just wanna eat it..
The classy box ~~~
Hubb is even more excited den mi..
Loots of the day 1

10 packets of garlic bread (Hubb bot this... Crazy ya... hahaha)
4 packets of Seaweeds (Mine..!! Normally I bot 10 packets of this, but i just bot it last month!)
2 pairs of Melissa ~ 50% sales.. Kinda sad that many I love dun have my size!
Loreal UV Prefect facial cream ~ SG still haven't have this wor..
2 years ago, I fall in love with Soap & Glory.. And I get so excited when I got to know Bangkok got sell and can be find at Boots pharmacy..
Woohoo.. I actually never compared the price between SG and Bangkok but I believe it will be cheaper in BKK because of the exchange rate..

Day 2 OOTD couple color tee
Not couple wear la, just couple color hahaha
On our way for breakfast lei.. No photos of it cause nothing special at all la.. Simple international spread lor.. I only had breads for the past few days cause we out to have MORE..!
First stop ~ Erawan Shrine Bangkok
Friday morning was packed with people, so crowded till I can't bring out my camera to shoot.. Sianz!

Next stop ~ Platinum Fashion Mall, okay for my family..
Mi and Hubb went over to Amari watergate to tailor his working shirts as our last trip we never had the chance... okay TIME..!
Guess what...!
Hubb found this! (cause I feeling abit not well, so I waited for Hubb at Platinum fashion mall McDonald while he went to change $$)

Fried sweet potato balls

I remember 2 years ago, a taxi driver treated us 1 ball and we had been finding this every time we are here in Bangkok but we always got disappointed.. It not like other street food like mango sticky rice or fried chicken that you can find it everywhere..
Hubb got so excited when he saw this on the way to change $$  at Super rich money changer near BIG C.. Oh, we always bring some cash here to change as the rate here is normally much better even compare to SG..

Meet up with my family..
My mum, my aunt and MI bought the same kind baby clothing for my brother's baby boy.. hahaha!
Same taste wor.. but all arguing seeing whose is nicer.. Hahaha
Of course MINE la.. hahaha

Lunch lo!
They had ninety over branches in Thailand
Psst: Not all restaurants is good ya.. Dun say is I say de.. Central world branch is totally sad..
I say de..Platinum Fashion and MBK branch is really good!
This is cheap
This is yummy
This is good and fantastic..
At least my family love it...

Next stop: Siam Paragon
I always love coming here for After you and the supermarket though the stuffs selling is kinda more atas but dunno why I just love to shop here.. Not like I will buy a lot of stuffs la..
Maybe some fresh fruits!

After you
"There's always room for dessert"
Chocolate Strawberry Pancake
Okay nothing fantastic with this.. normal pancake with strawberry n chocolate n ice cream
We didn't finish it too.. (my dad who eat everything, also no wanna eat it, so you should guess it) 
Shibuya Honey Toast
Just stick to the original and you will never regret it!
Nothing, I mean it.. Nothing left on the plate!
I always miss eating this even though I dun really eat sweet stuffs nowadays but how can I miss this!

I remember ordering the Ferror toast but can't manage to compare with original honey toast!
Thumb up!
Okay I so wanna eat this right now!
Shopping start once again!
My brother and I...
We were supposed to go the night market (which myself love to shop at) opposite Siam square, sadly, it started to rain heavily, even the taxi queue is packed with ppl.. So in the end, we had to walk the underpass to Central World and had an early dinner!
Yes again.. Makan time..! hahaha

Central World Plaza, 6th Floor
Rajadamri Road, Patumwan,
Bangkok 10330

Not sure if they accept reservation but if possible, make a call and try making reservation as the queue can be real scary!
We waited almost 2 hrs..
Free flow of salad, soup and pasta with every main course order..
BBQ spareribs
French cut pork chop
Pork sausage with spicy grilled chicken
Back to our hotel With a super full tummy..

Walk around our hotel area..
Oh oh oh.. Forget to mention, one of the good thing about this hotel is there is a night market just outside the hotel and it close till late night..
And many interesting handmade sstuffs can be find there..

Day 2 loots of the day..
Not much ba!
Less than half is mine actually..
Psst: Hubb really can buy this time.. hahaha
As day 3 will be a berry long day with many beautiful photos so I had decided to make it into 2 posts ba..
Frankly speaking, the best part is yet to come..

Ending the post with the *must eat* Mango sticky rice, you can find almost every where... But I prefer to get it at supermarket!

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