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Europe HoneyMoon Day 5 ~ Rome

28th December 2014

This gonna be a berry long post with tons and tons of photos as we went to major attractions in Rome
Yes we cleared all in a day with lots and lots of blessing too..

First stop 
II Colosseo also named as Colosseum 
A massive arena which once hosted gory battles between gladiators, slaves, prisoners and wild animals..

I totally can't bring myself to collate the beautiful photo and scenery but I have no choice at all..
Oh my... Too many photos...
After all the photo taking, we moved on for our guided tour..
The Colosseum is the largest amphitheater in the world is built out of concrete and stone, is also considered one of the greatest works of Roman architecture and engineering..
Numerous visible holes exist in the walls are due to damage from earthquakes and more damning, stone thieves.

Arc de Constantin
Beautiful isn't it...


**Hope I'm not wrong..
Photo stop at Roman Forum
Try to Google but failed to find any.. Sorry... 

After the long walk at the Colosseum, we walked up to see the Pantheon..
The best-preserved ancient building in Rome..
I remembered we visited many churches and all of them are simply impressive and I love it all even though I'm a free thinker..
Everything in my dream, everything I seen on movies just appeared one by one, right in front of mi...

Along the way to St Peter's Basilica❤❤❤

One of the tour member bought the chestnut and we just took 1 and can't get over it so we went to buy 1 bag..Few couples did the same as us.. I bet they were as regretful as mi..

Next stop
St Peter's Basilica
We moved on to visit the St Peter's Basilica in the Vatican City 
The world's largest cathedral where we can find one of the Michelangelo's finest work - the mighty dome and the Necropolis (where St Peter is said to be buried)
The crowd!!!
Beware of pickpocket ya

Right here, my legs is killing mi but I know I need to move on.. How can I miss out such a chance!

The Pope giving his blessing..
Right before we entered, we had to walk through security measures.. 

Inside of St Peter's Basilica

Didn't manage to capture many photos inside due to berry poor lighting!

It simply too amazing, a eye opening chance for mi and many of my tour member..
and my legs is killing mi real hard..
One of the good foodies, chinese foodies we had in Europe.. 
Finally a meal I ate finished the whole bowl of rice and many many dishes.. Woohoo..
*Rub tummy~~~Burp*
Didn't manage to capture the yummy food..  so here's the restaurant pic.. 
Back to our road trip... and I fallen in love with what appeared right in front of mi..
Beautiful view on the road...!
No filter at all..
Pit-stop at petrol station
As dinner is on our own, Hubb decided to buy a huge pizza to go with the maggi..
Weird combination ya, but we love it!

The Huge pizza that we had one on the go and another one to go with the maggi mee!

I ❤ the chips!
❤❤❤Olive oil potato chip❤❤❤
Can someone buy some back for mi please...
Got to rest my feet for the day..

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