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Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Hi Friend, How are you lately?

3 years ~ How have you been? Well? Fine?
So it had been a long 3 years I haven't hear anything from you..
Till date, it still caught mi in silence, it just happened so sudden... You just MIA, disappeared in the thin air.. This isn't the first time, and I thought maybe after a few months of clearing your mind, you will be back, chatting and gossiping, telling mi what exactly happen, just like the first few time.. Was it my fault this time? I still kept in the dark..
AS far as i recalled, I did nothing.. NOTHING happened during that period of time except for our religious issues..
But i need to let you know, I have NO, simply no issues of yours...
Wondering if you were like mi, finding you in instagram, twitter, facebook and even your blog.. Just wanna see your updates...
But you had private almost everything out... Even many of our circle of friends had no update of you..
What exactly happen to you? I really wanna know..
Yes.. I am super angry but what so to angry about? It been 3 years or so, I dun think I'm that petty to angry for 3 years ba..
But I'm not ready to be the one who make the first move; to call you or add you instagram or even email you ( I remember how we connected once when you MIA.. and I still waiting for your email).. Well at least I make the first move with this post, isn't it...?
Yes.. I missing you badly.. Missing those days we chatted in the swimming pool for hrs even at the gym.. Missing those days we can chatted everything in the world..
You are still the only friend that I can simply be myself, telling you almost everything...
You are still the only friend who will rush down to my home to buy mi lunch when I'm sick and alone at home..
You are the only one who keep ask me to go back to school, to at least get my ITE Cert. Till date, I still cannot find another friend like you...
SO much I wanna tell you.. I wish you are here with me accompany me throughout this 3 years..
Remember how excited we were when we chatted our next step in life, in regards, wedding and my new home and even when we had kiddos and be 'TaiTai'...
Alot of things happened this 3 years and I thought you will be with me but you didn't..
You wasn't there when Kevin proposed to me..
You wasn't there when I got engaged..
You wasn't there when I collected the keys to my HOME
You wasn't there when I got married..
Maybe you had forget about me.. Maybe you had choose not to have a friend like mi.. Maybe you have your own group of friends and buddies.. Maybe you are HAPPY right now..
Just wanna let you know I really miss you so much..
If really, if really you are reading this and still have my contact number, please start contact me cause I'm not angry anymore.. If it's my fault that I did any that make you forgo our friendship, please accept my apologies.. Please dun give up our friendship cause it really not easy to have another real friend this time...
Just dropping a note wishing you Happy Birthday..

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