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Europe HoneyMoon Day 7 - Switzerland - Interlaken

AIYO... It's already end of August and I'm still in day 7.. OMG...
Please photos dun went missing again so I can concentrate more on my posts than re-upload the photos again n again...

30th December 2014

Finally updated to day 7 liao.. I dun meant my holiday but my updating process.. aiyoyo...

View from the room.. 
If I never hear wrongly from our tour manager, opposite ahead is Switzerland... and we are heading there in a few days...
I love their breakfast.. Okay.. I love breakfast , anywhere anytime..! 

Photo Stop at the 1000 years old Chillon Castle 
My favourite attraction...
actually I love every single every part we went to.. and it so hard to choose photos to post it here..
Pardon my spamming of photos...

I think not only I fall in love with this place, I bet Hubb too.. 
Just look at how happy he play with the snow on the tree branch, just like kiddo...

Fashion disaster!

Pardon mi.. (actually still look okay ba!!)
My mil purposely knitted this for mi so I have to wear it somehow someday..
I love it a lot just I dun bring it out..

Just like a fairy-tale came alive right in front our eyes..
I really love this place!

aiyo.. how come my Hubb look so handsome over here!
okay must be my fashion disaster helped him!!!

okay falling in love once again la!
I forgive you liao lor!
I can't believe I did all this shots! Kill mi pls...!
I hope non of my tour mates saw what I'm doing... hahaha!

One last two photos of the beautiful scenery ..
ehhh... okay promise
Last photo!
Confirm chop!
On the way up to Mt Bussalp and it's getting cold and cold!

We were transferred up to Swiss Alps Mt Bussalp via a specially designed snow bus..
An adventure begin..
Sledging, my berry first time sledging and I really enjoy myself though I only managed to enjoy myself half way through...

The longest sledge run of 7.6 km in Europe with a marvellous view of Jungfrau snow peaks and endless fun while I learn to sledge through various obstacles..
Example: we have to stop when there's a bus driving up as we are using the same path down..

Big thanks to our tour friends for capturing this pictures, if not I gonna leave this beautiful memories in my mind.. Cause I totally concentrating myself with the sledge.. I remember there's many more taking photos de but too bad, many of them never upload the pictures in the social media..
I love how the snow make all building look alike, look so beautiful..
It just like gingerbread house came alive.., right in front of my eyes.
Dammit... I miss it so much!

Evidence on how Hubb bully mi!!!
He just stood there and watched and laugh at mi without helping mi...
YOU Good ar HUbb.. I rem you!

This is how I took my revenge!
Throwing snow at him, putting snow in his pants.. wahahaha..
I win..!

 Here's a video taken by one of my tour member! Kudoz!

Dinner at Bebbis restaurant located next to Interlaken west train station...
Dun remember whether did I ate any swiss food before but definitely never hear or eat meat fondue before..
Over here, they also offer cheese and chocolate fondue and we tried it all...
Meat fondue really caught my attention and I love it alot..
It kinda different from cheese and chocolate fondue.. We were given a pot of oil and a plate of meat..
Bebbi Boesch (owner of the restaurant) came over to our table to demonstrate to the rest of the group how it should done...
He was full of energy, loud and entertaining making our dining experience so fun and happy.. Finally we got to know more about our tour friends.. Yes after 7 days.. we finally get to know each other with so much chatting and laughter..
We got even closer when we know 1 of the newly wed was staying just few block behind us, and another couples had mutual friends with mi..
The world is so so so small...
See how happy my Hubb was... 
Bebbi really love to cracked jokes and engaged with diners at every single opportunity.. 
Out of the blue, he suddenly pull out a huge swiss national instrument - alphorn and started blowing. kinda cool..
He even got some of us to blow the alphorn..
Here's the only small ger in our group and our tour manager... (pardon the dark images!)

Bebbis was really easy going and fun.. He even started playing snow fighting with us together with his son.. We had alot of fun..
Un un un unbelievable fun!!
Finally we reached Bellevue Palace Hotel (one of the best hotel, I should say I love this hotel the most)..
We were greet with this two toy soldiers and it really brighten up my night...
Even the room brighten mi up..

Even the complimentary chocolate oso so atas..!
Had the most wonderful day today..
We had our first sledging!
We had ate the cheese and oil steamboat for the first time..
We make our first friends..
I just loving this trip even more...

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