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Europe HoneyMoon Day 8 - Switzerland - Lucerne

31th December 2014

Happy New Year...
Okay Belated Happy New Year... I'm actually back for 7-8 months liao... and I still on Day 8.. Gonna speed up..
I freaking missing it so much and my memories is really fading away.. I trying to rush out everything out especially I just back from Bangkok and I need to write about it.. (Okay.. I admit I'm berry slow.. Managed to done up my Bangkok trip here!)
Let's mi start with the breakfast at Bellevue Palace Hotel... Even the name is so dreamy and lovely...
Not mentioned the breakfast spread,so much different from the rest, even the waiter and waitress greet every single of us.. Feeling so great especially early in the morning...

The one and only small kiddo - JiaEn.. She is really adorable and all of us love and dote her alot... 
Although her parents always buy many branded stuffs, from top to toes and even toys but she not like those spoil kiddos who always throw temper now and then just wanna buy toys etc... in fact she is berry polite and always talk and play with every single of us...  Oh ya... she brought more clothes and shoe than many of us, just to match her daily outfit.. hahahha.. Hear from her mum, she berry 'Ai Mei' one...
Some of us woke up early to join our tour manager, Rin.. She really did an extra mile just to wake up early to bring us to walk around Bern, an old city in Switzerland which she dun have to do so..
One of the Bern's important sight.. Clock Tower(Zytglogge)
Ornate astronomical clock with its moving figures was built in 1530 and it's served as the city main clock and thus had an authoritative function in Bern.
Sound like a pro ya.. All thanks to Google.. hahaha...
This is where I had a great fall and scratches Ai phone.. So heart pain and paiseh lei...
Really sorry!
All thanks to the snow that melted into ice! Haiz! 
Feel like Humpy Dumpy throughout after that fall.. as I had been clinging on Hubb..
Kinda scare of falling one more time.. 
The Einstein House is located just few hundred meters from the clock tower..
Here is where Albert Einstein rented, and the third floor shows a film that gives an overview of Albert Einstein's life..
Too bad we are too early and Einstein house had yet open... 
 Snow really can make every place every roof look so beautiful.. 

After a long long walk, up and down hill, we reached the bear park and rose garden..
Bear park - not sure why I didn't capture any shoots of the bear park but I remember there isn't any bear around as it is winter, it is too early and it is too cold for the bear to move around.. Hear that we can actually watched the bears play, bathe and climb real close, just too bad lor... maybe next time.. Hor Dear...
Rose Garden - is a large park with a wonderful view of the Old town and Aare loop.. Another wasted trip that we missing out... coz after tat fall, it impossible for mi to climb up and down hill just to capture the scenery.. Anyway I believe due to snowing, we wun be able to see any roses so I have no motivation to climb up hill ba...
Pictures credited by one of my tour friend

Really gonna thank RIN, giving us an experience of taking the bus in Bern though it just a few stops but it still a berry wonderful experience..

Back to hotel, preparing to check out (yes... again!)
Kinda sad to have to leave this beautiful hotel and city.. We still have to move on~~~I believe we will have many many memories and adventures are waiting for us..
Our next adventure start here~~~
Headed to Mt Titlis ~ 10,000 feet (3,238 metres) above sea level..
The ride up was an experience of a lifetime, with lots of breath-taking view as a backdrop was priceless..

Needless to say, I took countless pictures even though I was real sick on that day, on the way up.. It's really hard to choose 'some' photos to post it here...
So here I am~~~spamming photos!

On the way up on the cable car... I rem we had to change 3 times just to get up there... Okay, I admit...! I dun feel good... but the views, the snow, the cloud and everything flew me away..
I wish I wasn't that sick that day...
Pardon my messy and shaggy face as I really feeling giddy..
Asian style lunch
Our lunch view..!
No matter how sick I am, still gonna snap photos..!

Due to my giddiness, didn't manage to walk to the bridge abit wasted and sad...
Imagine even for my size, I still almost kanna blew away by the winds!

The views photos from my tour friends show how beautiful it was..
Envy! They managed to walk to the bridge and took many beautiful photos...

Having ice cream in a cold is fantastic..
Spot the lovely couple in the below picture.. Shy shy**

We supposed to have a few "donuts" de but somehow not sure where Hubb keep all the video..

The lion monument ~ a gift from France to Switzerland to commemorate the valor of Swiss Guards who defended King Louis XVI during the French Revolution

Dinner on our own at one of the thai restaurant..
End of Day 8 and we reached City hotel..
I remember the room is rather small and tidy especially the area for us to shower, just enough for 1 person standing.. (not like mi and Hubb will be bathing together la...=.=" dun think anyhow ar.. )

Special room key with Swiss knife..
We were supposed to meet our tour friends for count down but I was too tired maybe due to not feeling earlier of the day... so Hubb stayed with mi and we sleep throughout the New year..
Heard we missed out the firework and the drinking sessions with the rest..
Sad that we missed out the session..!

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