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Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Europe HoneyMoon Day 9 - 10 Lucerne - Lorraine - Paris

1st January 2015

My resolutions over here.. Once again HAPPY 2015 to everyone...
First stop to Germany Black forest.. a land of cuckoo clocks and cherry gateaux, but also great scenery and slow-paced villages..
Pork knuckles for Hubb and roasted chicken for myself together with Germany ice wine..
 Cuckoo clock making..
This is a musical cuckoo clock..
Cute hor.. Kinda regret and sad that we didn't buy any back home..
Berry fast, half a day gone and we gonna hop on the bus once again...
Another long ride to Nancy, France...
Our journey got even more interesting and fun as we got closer with all the tour friends especially there are at least 4 newly wed couples including myself with Hubb... We even joked that if any of us got preggy during this trip must name Nancy, and throughout the journey we been joking about Nancy...
Dinner provided and I dun like..
Our room of the Day 9
after past 2 nights of 5 stars hotel room, back to normal room, kinda not use to it.. ARgh!!
Started to miss Bellevue Palace Bern!!

2nd January 2015

Je t'aime
Paris, my dream country!
Just 2 nights like not enough for mi at all... there's alot alot of places I wanna go, I wanna see..
Kinda disappointed that I dun have the chance to go Pont des Arts Paris (also call 'Lock of love' bridge and one of the boat cafe by the river Seine that Triumph in the Skies 2 filmed (really sad that no matter how I googled I can't find anything out of it.. if anyone happened to read this and know where I'm talking about please let mi know pretty please... Not river cruise ya...)

Eiffel tower!
Just driving past it, I already falling in love with it, cannot stop myself from taking photos..
Can't imagine I seeing it with my own eyes and going on it soon...
Kinda pity that we are rushing for our lunch hence unable to take my dream shoot..!
Our lunchie...
I believe only when you follow tour group if not first time travel to Paris, you won't be able to find this best view best location of Eiffel tower, though there's still lots of crowds.. I dun even remember where did they brought us to.. :p

Totally cannot control myself at all...

At least I can control myself from buying the Eiffel tower key-chains and miniatures from the 黑人 as we were told everywhere that some of them may be pick pockets so to be safe we only buy when our tour manager nod her head or buy from the shop directly.. Plus it always cheaper to buy from some china seller...
2 photos

Getting closer to Eiffel tower.. Omg omg omg I going to faint...

Going for a Tour on a Eiffel Tower..

Okay... I won't come up for the second time so just enjoy the view and the photos for the last time..
Pro ~ Beautiful view at the top of Eiffel tower
Con ~ Just Beautiful view at the top of Eiffel Tower

Photo stop at Arc de Triomphe du Carrousel

Pierre Herme to end my sweetie night..
Oh ya... I already quit sweet drink and sweet stuffs but where can I resist my favorite macaroons!
But anyway, since I dun really eat any stuffs in Europe, so Hubb just let mi be lor (I bet I lose a few kg for during this trip, hahaha..)

Dammit! I missing it so muchie.. Anyone out there to buy some back for mi please...???!!
Our last hotel with Mercure La Defense 5 in France ~ 2 nights lei... Finally dun have to pack luggage for a night..

1 thing I dun like about going with Tour group which is every night gonna pack luggage as we have to change hotel...
1 thing I like about going with Tour group which is I can make new friends..

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