Monday, September 21, 2015

Europe HoneyMoon Day 11 - Paris

3rd January 2015

Christmas at Europe; Everywhere is so Beautiful..
White Christmas has always been in my dream list..
We spend the whole morning exploring the outside of Printemps and Lafayette cause we dun feel that we should hang out too much time in shopping center..
There's Sephora, H & M, Marks and Spencer, Lindt Chocolate flagship boutique, and many interesting places... Kinda pity that that morning was raining and I remembered Hubb and I had our first argument in 2015, so didn't manage to capture photos out there..
Lucky the rain and the cold bring us closer..
Spend a few hours outside and we are back to start our shopping..
One of the best holiday experience in Europe is seeing all the Christmas Deco displays at the window..
Burberry at Printemps Windows
Christmas monsters at Galleries Lafayette and I never take a single shot..
I actually dun remember anything about it, I bet my whole mind is all about Chanel and Prada and and and..... but but I remember it was raining on that day too.. Could be a reason for mi?? WHoopz!

Upside down Christmas Tree in Lafayaette
Kinda cool ya..

Since I had tried Pierre Hermes, I gonna try Laduree..
Kinda tempted to got myself all the sweet boxes..

Okay Pierre Hermes taste much better.. Miss it so much!

Lunch on our own at Lafayette food area..
Simple and nice!
Avenue des Champs-Elysees, Paris
I remember the tour guide taught us how to pronounce it and I totally forget about it...

Too bad as we followed tour and we had limited time, we miss the chance to sit the Ferris wheel.. Read online that going on top of the Ferris wheel offers a great view of the Eiffel tower and River Seine..
Thinking of it, make mi smile and feeling love...

The River Seine is just beside Eiffel Tower which allow us to have a different angles to view the Eiffel Tower and even many master pieces of arts by the side of the river.. Scroll down to see all the lovely photos...
We are lucky in enough to see the Eiffel tower light up twice.. Yes Eiffel tower does light up the whole night but the blinking of Eiffel tower doesn't blink the whole night... sorry I totally forget the timing already..

Strong mi, never listen to Rin's advice, to bring our winter coat along... It started drizzling and the wind is so powerful that I didn't really enjoy the view...

View from the Seine...
It so freaking cold on board and I totally cannot enjoy the ride, all this photos was taken by Hubb..

When we past by bridges with passer-by, they will shout Hello and Waves and most of us will wave back and shout Hello..
Kinda cool and feeling warm isn't it..

Lock of love bridge
Pity that I never lock any lock on it, not sure if this fence can wait till I come to lock next time..

Dear Eiffel Tower, why are you so beautiful? melted...!
I been dreaming of Hubb proposing to mi under this beautiful Eiffel tower with 1 carat diamond ring!

Okay I'm married to him and we are having our honeymoon here..
 So... still... hahaha

Omg... I missing Paris already...
Isn't it beautiful?!!!
I almost wanna upload my whole album here... Gosh..

Pictures can't explain how beautiful Eiffel Tower is..
You have to see it in your own eyes...
So much of Eiffel Tower already... Last pc already...!
THis is so beautiful!

Dinner on our own
Pretty satisfied with our decision cause this is extremely yummy!
First time eating escargot and I love it..
First time eating creme brulee and I love it..

You can see how good is it by see how much my tour member order!
3 plates of 12 and 2 plates of 6

Time flies...
It already our last night in Europe..

Bring mi back please!

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