Saturday, September 19, 2015

For my love sister in law ~ Jing Jing, the shinning star

Dear Girl, 

I had been strong, surprisingly strong, as I know I need to be strong for my brother.. This is the most I can do for him.. I never been so lost before.. Please wake up and guide us through..

It's been exactly 2 weeks, every single day, praying hard wishing that you are okay you are fine.. 
Please girl.. we miss u so much! We need you.. 

Today, Of no reason I cry, my heart hurts, real hurts.. Could be because I'm unable to be there, beside you, witnessing you to move a little of your fingers, nod your head and shoulders nor blink your eyes even open your eyes.. But for your good, I willing to listen to advice ~ for once! So please be strong, hold on there and wake up ba...

Praying for you to juz open your eyes.. Seeing the world, seeing your husband and newborn son, seeing yr families.. Hugging each and everyone saying I'm alright I'm fine, sorry to keep you all worry.. 

Girl, you already had a long sleep, I really need u to wake up from your dream. You need to wake up.. You need to..!!

I believe you can...! 

I'm sorry.

Forgive mi.

Thank you.

I love you. 

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