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Sunday, March 18, 2007

i'm so disappointed...


It's sunday...I now rotting at my bendan hse...he promise mi to bring mi out de lor...go downstair walk walk i oso happy la...but he now stuck into the com,into the games,into maple le...friday nitez he still shout at mi becoz i nv done my appeal letter but i still waiting for him to help mi with it..as all who noe mi i reali stupid with com ting everyting will juz crop up tat y i dun reali like to do do all those important stuff...if he reali care abt my appeal tinging he now wun be struck in front of the com le...he should help mi ting of a way to print my letter somemore i told him i wanna buy envelope too but he dun even done anything..oh ya he done something...playing maple....haiz...
My bendan nv been changing since the day he promise mi...sometime i reali cannot stand him at all...but still last till now...y can't he juz change for mi...mi been changing and changing for him...from a ger who open mounth close mouth vulgar language de to now simply who dun reeali say a single 1...perhap long long time 1 time lo...but he still say mi when i bu xiao xin say 1...but sometime he oso got say lor....haiz...another ting is oso his temper...i'm oso a ger whose is very impatient de a little tings i will throw temper but is oso more den 1 year ago tinging...now is mi who 'zai ren' he...he now little bit of ting throw temper to mi even to his family....he onli treat his frenz welll...worse of all is he alway break his promise...see even today...he promise to bring mi go amk hub or juz bring mi out de but now lea...i now at his hse writing blog...doing reali nth he lea...alway maple and maple and maple...reali cannot stand guys...ain't they sick of games...haiz...
i noe when he read tis msg..he going to say mi or even quarrel with mi or say mi sian him but i'm not..i'm reali bored tat y i wanna go out but his heart juz wanna play maple...he can juz reach hm on the switch sit down and play...he can dun bath or eat de lo...but if ask him do ting like mopping the floor he sure say ting like he very tired or juz eaten can rest first mar...ting like tat...but play games he not tired de lor...ahhhhh...though he got so many bad point,he still got good point de la...tat't y i still love him so much...and give him so much till he now step on my head lor...I juz wish he will change wat he ask mi to...fair and square rite...i everytime say him,he sure say mi back in the end we quarrel again lo...we can't say much abt tis topic...haiz...first when we get started,when we quarrel even he onli thought i angry when i reali not angry at all...he still sick he still from tampines all the way to my hse and even climb up the stair to my hse 13th floor...tat time i reali very touch but didn't expect tat was the last time he done tat till now...now if i angry he dun even care...
how can i improve our relationship?
how can i change him as wat he change mi?
when can he reali change?
how long will i get to wait for him to change?


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