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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Monday Blue
Though today is Tuesday but i having my Monday Blue today
i juz start work today tis week coz yesterday i off mar so haiz..
early in the morning cannot wake up haha...
last nitez i sleep berry early lor 11pm and i'm already a log due to bad headache i had..
i had it since in the noon at my cousin chalet
perhap didn't slp properly so led to headache and backache lor..
imagine 3 ppl share a queen size bed somemore imagine my size to squeeze in too..
somemore mybendan having flu tat nite so muz let him slp well so i slp side way lor
so led to my turn didn't slp well lor..
i still continue play mahjong the next day morning after my morning swim with my bendan and my cousin lor..she is sooo cute!!!
it's her birthday mar so it's like a family chalet lor...
too bad i forgot to bring my camera to take pic of hers and my family too...
went home after dinner last nitez
today super doper busy...
first reach office have a great shock
office change so much sia...now can see the other side liao
den my table super doper messy
so early in the morning reach office gonna do exercise packing up my stuff on my table
lucky all my pooh bear still around if not i going to kill ppl liao lor..
Thank Lily, my OP Excutive..
oh it's her last week tis week and she bought mi a pooh bear photo ablum..
HAHA..cannot blog so much so long liao
kanna see by my another account staff
sianz lor...haha

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